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Despite the notorious wet season in Singapore, our visit to Sentosa was blessed with good weather. Perhaps too good to the point it was hot and sunny the whole time we were there. It had been a while back since my kids last visited Sentosa but unlike the kids of my generation, I find kids today tend to possess great photographic memory of their early years. Here are some pictures from our day out (well, half a day) on the resort island and places of interests visite were The Merlion Walk, Underwater World and cable car ride.

So Much Food So Little Time | Nocturnally Speaking | ZoukOut 2009 | Retail Therapy


img_2661.jpg img_2674.jpg
^ First Senstosa bus ride after taxi drop off.
img_2681.jpg img_2793.jpg
^ Sentosa double-decker bus giving an open feel of the resort. Working bells chimes away periodically.


^ Sentosa Express monorail that shuttles passengers between from Sentosa to VivoCity shopping centre
img_2704.jpg img_2706.jpg
^ The Merlion, Singapore’s own sea legend and enduring symbol of good fortune.

^ SILOSO beach icon


^ Gorgeous and stunning jelly fish at the Underwater World aquarium. Such amazing creatures of the deep made this one of my favourite attractions.

^ Large predators co-exist with the calm and graceful Stingrays. There’s even a shallow tank where visitors are allowed to touch baby sharks and stingrays. Popular with the kids though the length of a baby shark is longer than the entire arm of my daughter.

^ This is the actual molt or empty exoskeleton of a large Japanese Giant Spider Crab. Once or twice every year, the Japanese Giant Spider Crab has to undergo molting which is the shedding of its whole exoskeleton in order to grow a bigger new shell. This one measures nearly 1.8 Metres.

^ “No pictures please, I’m running a business here” said the polite snake handler. Pictured here is not the hand of my daughter who were no doubt fascinated by the snake but dared not touch.

All images © Jan Shim Photography

8 thoughts on “A DAY AT SENTOSA

  1. Hi,
    I am coolingstar9, through your photo. I see the island look better than last time and I believe there will be more things to see when intergated resort is fully operational, hope the day coming soon, best wishes to you and all at home.


  2. Brings back memories of my sentosa trip last sept.

    Did you try the Luge ride? I did, and it was so much fun!

    These photos are absolutely stunning. Love the photo of the jellyfish.. you sure you didn’t went diving…?

    I remember those naughty stingrays….. one of them splash water at us when we were there… maybe we were rub them the wrong way…. lol… Mr StingRay is smilling at the camera too..


  3. I haven’t been to Sentosa this year…. Hmmmm…
    Seems to me they have undergone alot of upgrading!

    Time to go there and visit…


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