Brunei Darussalam


© Jan Shim Photography

Looking at my archives of fun shots, I found a series of test images of WOODY from the hit Disney- Pixar animation Toy Story. Lighting was a single source from a 32″ studio captured using an EOS 5D. I have a collection of Absolut Vodka bottles that make great photographic subjects on their very own. Since this shoot, I’ve added Absolut Mandarin and Pears to the mix, picked them up from an airport duty free on my way back from Hanoi.

 This image is a satirical look at how often people seek refuge from alcohol as an answer to all problems, however temporary or permanent. I don’t normally drink, cannot even call myself a social drinker but when I do, it’s watered down with something like 100 PLUS.

2 thoughts on “THE PRICE OF FAME

  1. Actually it’s a Disney-Pixar animation. Back when the movie made it’s debut, my former company who was a distributor of Sun Microsystems jointly launched the movie in Brunei with the cinema. The animation was produced using Sun Microsystems servers. It was an exciting event as we gave away Toy Story tee shirts to kids and adults.


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