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GSK Semprex tablets © Jan Shim Photography

For some time now, I’ve been indulging in some over time till 2am each day averaging five hours of sleep each day. Commercial and event shoots, post-processing and maintaining blog updates can very quickly suck the hours off any useful day. So when wedding photographer Jason Ong called to tell me he was coming to town, I gladly accommodated. The repeated late nights finally took a toll and I had to be treated with antibiotics before I compound the situation with more work.

Life’s like that and we’re constantly living the moments as freelance professional photographers and commit ourselves to delivering results to our clients, not excuses. [coughs, clears throat!]

10 thoughts on “CONKED OUT

  1. Yeah, coming from a demanding career of 13 years in information technology, the first year in the photography business going back to Sept or so in 2004 was particularly stressful. The transition, the increased in frequency of commutes, not forgetting to mention the art of photography itself presented many challenges. Fortunately for me, this way of learning in the real world is simply divine and suited me perfectly.

    I cannot say I was ever burnt out in IT (frustration and claustrophobia are more appropriate) … work was demanding and stressful when it got demanding and stressful but the pace was so slow there was no chance of a burn-out. Photography, on the other hand aren’t as regimental and coordinated as IT meetings and clients have a tendency to call at the very last minute. And when you going from one job to another in this business, the digital workflow alone can sometimes drive you up the wall.

    I’ve experienced burn out countless times but as a self-employed business owner the feeling is euphoric, not to mention character building too (if you can make the association). The adrenalin rush is what I live for! This is exactly what I left a perfectly safe career for – Freelancing :).


  2. Yo.. I hope you are better now. Know that there is a bug floating around looking for vulnerable bodies. Take care and some bit of advice from me…. drink more water, less coffee!


  3. yeah. drink more waterr !


    during the peak period i sleep abour 3hrs a day for a week. the first day i managed to get some rest would be a 24hr total black out.



  4. I hear ya’ll—H2O + C8H10N4O2—that’s Water + Caffeine Pill 🙂

    I must have my Nescafe Gold first thing in the morning and then the rest of the day is completely optional as they do nothing for me. Seriously, drinking coffee during the day has made me sleepy when I’m tired so I try to have water or juices. It’s nights that I’ll have a cup when I know I need the extra boost/hours.

    I also need to remember to drink more water. I know very well that dehydration from coffee can lead to fatigue and drinking more coffee doesn’t help.


  5. Gesh Jan,
    you need to take care and make sure you have enough fluids (plain water) and good serving of fruits to keep you immune system strong! I just ended my 2 weeks of mugging and rushing of assignments and examination papers (i am a trainee teacher and yet i have to take exams… such irony…)!! Horrary!
    Work is never ending but then again we cant be slackers and esp. when u are freelancing.. u have to be so disciplined!

    If you can, exercise! That’s the best to keep fit and healthy! 🙂


  6. Jan,

    Drink more coffee 😛 Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Gloria Jean!

    BUT for every cup of coffee you drink wash it down with 2 cups of plain water la. Remember more water prevents stones 😛



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