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desmonchin-thanks.jpgDesmond Chin © Jan Shim Photography

In my recent trip to Singapore, one of a number of highly anticipated to-do items was to visit Desmond Chin. In the months leading up to his treatment abroad, we’ve been communicating on and off via text messaging but over time comms cost add up and take a toll of its long term viability.

On the eve of my trip, Desmond called to tell me he would not be able to meet due to a large-dose chemotherapy treatment. I have not received any updates from him since October 27th. His fight to overcome leukaemia is not over but compared to just a few months prior, he’s in a much better position now.

He deeply appreciates all the well-wishes and financial contribution. Your kindness and generousity have made a difference to giving him hope and a life to look forward to although the road to recovery may still be a long a winding one.


  1. He gives me the feeling that he is fighting this sickness with sheer determination in this photo! 🙂 Admirable…. Hope that all works out well for him!


  2. At a clinic one afternoon, flipping through the pages of a 2006 February CLEO Malaysia magazine, I came across an article 6 Ways to Win In Any Situation and one stood out that I felt appropriate to include it here …

    I was diagnosed with leukaemia three-and-a-half years ago – just one week after my 22nd birthday. I was so shocked when the doctor broke the news. I thought, ‘But I’m healthy, I can’t be that sick.’

    My treatment started straighaway. I was in hospital for four weeks the first time and had chemotherapy every second day. I experienced all the side effects – hair loss, nausea, mouth ulcers – and lost a lot of weight. Friends I’d made in hospital also passed away, so it was a really tough time, but I vowed to remain positive no matter what.

    I clung to the fact that my type of leukaemia had a high recovery rate and took strength from my friends and family. My dad had actually beaten cancer himself a few years earlier and offered lots of support. I put inspirational quotes up on the walls in hospital, listened to music and just made sure I had a smile on my face 24/7.

    Only once can I remember letting my guard down. The first time I went home for the night after my initial course of treatment, I thought I could still do everything I used to. I ended up collapsing from exhaustion just walking up the stairs. That was the only time I allowed myself a little cry.

    When I was eventually given the all clear and discharged from hospital, I got straight back on with my life. I finished my degree, went back to work and began helping out leukaemia charities. Mum thought I was pushing myself too hard, but I didn’t want to waste any more time. It’s thanks to my positive attitude that I got through the worst time in my life and am now in remission. From now on, when I have to face something hard, I’ll just remember how I got my way before.

    LIFE LESSON: Decide to be one of life’s winners. If you view every situation with a positive mindset, nothing can dent that mental toughness.


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