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Here are pictures that didn’t quite make it to any of the recent Singapore posts but are interesting to share nonetheless.


^ In my previous visit to Singapore and the first time I stepped into a GAP store, I walked out just as quickly as I had walked in without a single item. On this trip, however, the store carried a different season’s line of clothes and I surprised myself when I walked out with some items. INTO THE NIGHT was exactly the theme that befitted the trip—out and about in the morning and back to the hotel only after hours!

mrt-q.jpg mrt.jpg 

^ Nothing unusual here.  The MRT is constantly packed with passengers. If there was a sure thing in business, transportation is certain one of them. Weigh the pros and cons of owning a car for the personal luxury of travel (in the Singapore context) vs saving a small fortune by taking the highly convenient and reliable MRT, I think the choice is rather obvious. Having owned three cars (Yes, ONLY three and one succeeding the other) in the past 15 years or so, it would be quite a relief to be freed of maintenance costs and obligations in keeping a car running. Wishful thinking for now as private transport is a necessity.


^ View from above at VivoCity on the way to grab lunch at the busy Food Republic food court. Right after lunch, we took a short walk to Harbour Front (no pictures) to check out the on-going work across the river at which is currently and easily the biggest attraction to happen on this island.

trishaw.jpg img_0128.jpg

^ A trishaw reading newspaper on a quiet and overcast day. I could tell David was nervous whenever I stopped to take a picture fearing the loud EOS 20D mirror slap would get unwanted attention. I couldn’t help noticing the shiny example of Singapore version compared to the ones I came across in The Streets of Hanoi. Adjacent to that is a view from the fourth floor of Sim Lim Square, Singapore’s high tech shopping plaza.


^ Come night, we had made arrangements to join another friend Colin Q. for dinner at Glutton’s Bay near the Esplanade. Inside, there was a performance showcase that had gathered a small crowd appreciating the talents.


esplanade-basement2.jpg esplanade-walk.jpg

^ We made our way to the basement of the Espanade and came across what can only be described as works of arts that belong to kids with a penchant of creative arts. The display completely changed the mood of the otherwise mundane walkway that typically only echoes the heels and draggy feet of passers-by.


^ view of the Fullerton Hotel, the Merlion and other high rises that cast a colourful shadow of glowing reflections in the calm water.

merlion.jpg colin-shoot.jpg

^ The Merlion. I couldn’t recall when the last time I actually saw the Merlion. It had to be when I was still a kid and it was a great location to meet, eat and appreciate what is practically a very popular landmark of Singapore and to reminisce our childhood days. Its popularity can still be seen in today’s wedding photographs as I have fairly recently. Also featured is Colin Q. taking photos of our dinner–staaaarved!

All in all, a fantastic end to a short but productive trip! I look forward to my December trip with the kids right before Christmas! Ever since our last family trip in 2006 also pre X’mas they the kids have been throwing hints throughout the year that they miss the animals at the zoo and snow @ Snow City. Seriously, I do not blame them!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Coming from Singapore, I’m really amazed at the shots you got off from ‘my daily life’. What camera and lens did you use?


  2. wow! mrt train is so pack and yet you can take a photo. all photos are nice shot. i really wish i can own one camera and learn the basic skill. 🙂


  3. Thank you!

    @ His,
    I work with the 5D and play with the 20D. Trip to Singapore was play and I brought only two lenses: EF50mm 1.8-II and EF10-22mm. For work, I am already packing too much gear and weighs me down good so when I travel, I try to go as light as possible.

    It always takes an outsider to see things that we take for granted. Even at home, I try to look at my environment with a different perspective.

    @ cheesecake06
    Digital SLRs are very affordable today. If you cannot afford a dSLR right now, Canon has many very capable digital compacts with Image Stabliser allowing you to shoot hand-held without flash for that more natural ambient-lit look. All the best!


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