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No trip abroad is ever complete without good food. Very often the convenience of the digital compact camera does great injustice to the local mouth watering delicacies I was recently introduced to in Singapore by friend and personal guide David Ho. These food images were shot with the 20D/50mm 1.8 @ ISO 800/1600 ambient lighting.




One of our stops was VivoCity’s Food Republic food court where we had roasted duck and roasted layer pork. This is perhaps the second most popular choice after Hainanese chicken rice among Asians—I could have this ever other day, alternating it with chicken rice but that would mean denying myself everything else equally good.

img_0049.jpg  img_0053.jpg

Dinner with my wife @ the Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant, Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road. The roasted nuts with sesame is a nice touch, a nice change from the usual salted nuts variety yet appetizing.

^ Imperial Treasure stir-fried pig ears. Gristly and crunchy!

^ Imperial Treasure roast pork

The next day, David and I found ourselves back @ Food Republic except this time it’s Wisma Atria branch. Here I’m introduced to what is easily the BEST beef noodles since my visit to Vietnam back in August. I thought the authentic Vietnamese Pho Bo noodles were incredible and probably cannot be beaten until I tasted the Singapore version … blown away!

img_0094.jpg  img_0097.jpg

img_0101.jpg  img_0112.jpg

img_0119.jpg  img_0117a.jpg

Towards the evening, another friend Colin Quek joined us for dinner at outdoor Glutton’s Bay, Esplanade.

img_0192.jpg  img_0196.jpg
^ MakanSutra’s delicious BBQ Chicken Wings

img_0200.jpg  img_0199.jpg
^ Oyster Omelette and Iced Sugar Cane with twist of lemon

After dinner, the night was still young, we walked over to the Merlion (across the road from the Fullerton Hotel) nearby for some pictures and join the great number of tourists that had gathered there before us. Finished the night off @ STARBUCKS, a stone’s throw from the Merlion.

All images © Jan Shim Photography


  1. Jan, these are really some of the best shots I’ve seen fro you. You make Singapore food looks even yummier 😛

    I bet this is one good way to remind you of Singapore and keep coming back ya!!!! 😉


  2. There are two image references to herbal soup above (smaller bowls with various herb delicacies). David and I had what is called “Cheng Tang” or Clear Soup in Mandarin. Interestingly sweet and contains a concoction of herbs served cold. I liked the beef noodle and clear soup enough to have them twice this trip!


  3. Jan list of addictions:

    First Trip
    1. Oyster Omelette
    2. BBQ Chicken Wings

    Second Trip
    1. Singapore Beef Noodle
    2. Cheng Teng
    3. Char Siew & Roast Pork Rice

    Third Trip
    1. (planning)
    2. (planning)
    3. (planning)

    Fouth Trip
    1. Apply for PR 😛


  4. next trip… you can come over to east coast lagoon where i stay. great satay, bah kut teh, stingray, oyster omelette (orgasm), laksa, etc etc

    they serve this thai coconuts as well which is now my favourite drink… hehe


  5. Wahhhh….. Yummy food….
    Next time when you come SG, make sure you go Chomp Chomp! (opens only at night..) Another place where you have great food… Singapore is THE food paradise… haha…

    Even Cheng Teng looks yummy in your shoot.. *Slurp*


  6. Hey Jan, wonderful we had with…feel a bit bad though the cabs that night were all waiting for “on call” and had to make u walk.

    Hope u had a wonderful time?….

    Wished we could have more time together to shoot some more pictures though

    Next round remind me to bring you for mixed pig’s innards soup, its a local delicacy you know (rofl)

    Colin Q


  7. @ Colin,

    It was great to have finally met you in person after months of failed attempts to meet during your posting in Brunei. My next trip to Sg is in December before X’mas, I’d imagine it’ll be a little difficult to go too far with the kids. Just thinking about deep fried pig intestines, I might have to really convince them to tag along. As long there’s fried rice, they’re all set.

    I’ll try to organise more Starbucks meet in my up and coming visits. Besides, you may see more of me if I successfully market myself to do some work there!

    Meanwhile, take care …


  8. I think as a photographer that specializes on Food, the pictures have to make you mouth watery just by looking at it.

    Well….i’m :D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  9. Oh Jan, making your way to SG again in December! Cool! Oh, one thing, you can try some food at the HK cafe.. Can find one in Orchard. 🙂

    Take a walk at Chinatown too if you can…. But will be tough on your kids.. haha….

    Me no Food Ambassador… heh… there are others who can fit that title better! haha.. but thanks for the compliment.


  10. your shoot still ok to me,
    my grandfather is a pro photographer in asia.
    i think his shoot more sharp then yours.
    you need to work hard!
    keep it up!!


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  12. Hi Ginger,

    Thank you!

    I visited your blog and found your articles interesting and writing eloquent. You have also managed to keep the whole blog clean, neat and very user friendly … something that may be attributed to your choice of theme for your content.

    Oh, you’re welcome to use my pictures to supplement your articles. Keep up the great work!


  13. Jan Shim, thanks for your kind word, it means a lot to me.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never have the opportunity to comment, if you don’t mind I like to add your blog to my blogroll, I enjoy reading your blog and I think my readers will enjoy reading it as well.


  14. It would be my honour to be a part of your blog and its community. Just so you know, I have another blog that has been merged as part of SHIMworld since October 6 this year.

    The MistyLook theme comes with a neat ARCHIVE template (located above banner) where you can find my past posts but it’s only limited to 50 posts. Beyond that you have to use the Archive link on the sidebar to browse articles by Month.


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