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These women (and some men) had many reasons to smile about at the recent Branded Bags sale at the atrium of Takashimaya in Singapore. Who can blame them? Those names and double digit discounts would make anyone weak! And i mean, W E A K !!


How do I know this? Under normal circumstances, people in general do not like being photographed and it would take a telephoto lens to get this close without making them really uncomfortable. During this sale however I’m completely transparent to them! Amazing considering I had a 50mm lens on my EOS 20D and in plain sight of the shoppers. Goes to show that when women shop, they let their guard down and completely immerse themselves.

discount-benetton.jpg discount-guess.jpg
discount-kipling.jpg discount-cerruti1.jpg
discount-sisley.jpg discount-nike.jpg
Takashimaya Branded Bags Sale © Jan Shim Photography


  1. Oh you Baddddd.
    Are you trying to tempt Bruneian Women to Singapore? lol

    Just mentioned SHOES or BAGS sales and thats it! Our budget airlines will hit their yearly forecast!!!


  2. Not funny Jan, telling us here in Brunei of these sales.

    I may have to stop subscribing to your blog if you keep on with this -what’s in Singapore- when we are thousands of miles away from Singapore and can only “gigit jari”.


  3. OMIGOD!!!! arrggghh.. oh mannnn.. i can only drool….. (adoi) i’d go really crazy there!! so when does this branded bags sale happen again ya? (o; (now, kk-jb, how much is airasia flight….then perhaps take the bus to Spore, etc, etc…..hmmm)


  4. OMG!! I cannot wait to visit SG!! Did you get anything for your wife? Do they have the sale every year? I cannot believe the ladies didn’t even notice you were taking the picture…


  5. As a true blue Singaporean, here’s what i can tell you and what to expect… Come over in late November and the month of December, you can find lots of good sale bargains. This is the time where you will have “Christmas Sale”!! Bargains are good and discounts are also good. Worth to come here in SG!

    Gesh… i am doing free tourism promo… haha.. But i personally feel that christmas sale is one of the best sales you can get.. oh not to mention, we have Post-Christmas sale after 25 December.. It is standard…. 😀


  6. @ Jenny

    She already picked out something from another store but she checked out the sale and didn’t find anything interesting. Interpret this as a sale of EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR items if you will and you’ll feel better! 🙂

    I think they noticed me but concluded I’m no threat to their propensity to indulge and spend!


  7. In the power vested in me by SHIMworld Publication, Jaslyn Kong is now the Singapore Shopping Ambassador. 🙂 You have every bit to be proud of how well Singapore Tourism has done for its country’s economy. By no means a small feat.


  8. oh gesh! please don’t give me that title… haha…
    Jan, you are right… some of these Singapore Sales are clearing OLD stocks and boring models of branded bags.

    However, there are still really good bargains available. You just have to spend time scouting and checking out places. 🙂 But trust me, Christmas Sales are one of the best sales… The rest of the sales in Singapore, you can give it a miss. hehe….


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