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After catching up with David @ Starbucks Orchard, we took a walk quite literally around the corner and found ourselves at Emerald Hill Road where I stared at the baroque style housing (17th and 18th centuries European architecture characterized by ornate detail and extravagant styling). Fascinated by these unique terrace houses, I found the Emerald Hill area to possess an interesting history as described by Wikipedia.

img_9967.jpg img_9968.jpgimg_9972a.jpg
img_9974.jpg img_9977.jpgimg_9976.jpg
All images © Jan Shim Photography

Anyone who frequents the street of Orchard Road probably know the shopping centres very well. Along the way, there are many sidewalks that we often do not pay attention to as we rush from one store to another. This time, it’s not about shopping but discovering some of the finer streets that are well hidden from main street and the entrance from Orchard Road is a bar/cafe whose name escapes me.

Walking past Emerald Hill reminded me of San Franciso’s Lombard Street (also called Crookedest Street) minus the slope and curvy road. I have difficulty finding the right words to describe how I felt being there this morning. The overcast weather and gentle breeze complemented the undescribable mood nicely allowing me to capture it all the same.


  1. Gerald,

    When you have a chance you visit, you’ll see a photo studio taking up residency there too. Quite an inspiring location to say the least and I noted one of the vacant premise asking SGD$16,000 per month. WOW or what ?


  2. Hey nice photos. We had dinner in front of La Taverna (Ice Cold Beer) last week. Shame it seems closed. Thanks fro sharing. Come to Seletar sometime 🙂


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