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Where I live there is no Mc D and the nearest and the one and only outlet in Brunei is an hour and a half away. I will have lost my appetite by the time I get there so it’s not a practical breakfast idea. In Singapore, however, they are open much earlier than other food joints so it’s more a convenience than anything else for us early risers on Orchard Road, two traffic lights away.

© Jan Shim Photography

I first came across McCAFE in Perth, Australia and I thought that was a great idea (any place I can get my caffeine fix gets my vote!). Since then they have been popping up everywhere so refueling between stops is now a matter of waiting in line.

img_9902.jpg img_9903.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

The colours of the take-out cup and the lid design looks over engineered for a cup of cappucinno and that hour of the day, I prefer to just drink than think before sophisticated looking coffee lid freaks me out. I had Big Breakfast and had the scrambled eggs peppered he way I prefer them but in all honesty, there is no way I can eat like this everyday. In fact, as soon as my Singaporean friend David comes over, I’m hoping he can tell me where to get noodles for tomorrow’s breakfast.

img_9905.jpg img_9910.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

I find the Hash Brown way too salty for my taste and I’m not choosy when it comes to food. But salty is salty and I don’ think it’s particularly good to load up that much salt in the morning unless giving your blood pressure a work out was the intention.

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. Hi Jan,

    You should be thankful that you and your family does not have access to a McCafe everyday because once the government allows businesses such as McCafe to sell in the consumer market, it usually causes major issues in the food and health industry due to quality and cost.



  2. Hahahahha… please do not fall in love with McCafe….there are still many good food stalls in the suburbs. ask ur friend to bring u to some hawker centre !!!

    dun go mcdonalds la…..


  3. I hear ya, I hear ya!

    I don’t think I can do more than one day of Mc Cafe unless really desperate. I have a friend who thinks Mc D makes the best fries in the world. I beg to differ but you gotta respect another person’s preference.

    I think I’m just too early a riser to go look for food that isn’t within walking distance especially when I’m still very much sleep deprived from all the recent blog posts. It’s you, my readers, who give me the best PERK UP than any coffee could!

    This morning my wife and I had nasi lemak and I had porridge at a food court that opens at 7.30am so that works. As we’re leaving tomorrow evening, I just have another breakfast challenge to overcome, that’s all 🙂


  4. If you are living in Meritus, perhaps tomorrow morning you could do something special like travel down to Chinatown for breakfast. There is a nice old market behind Hong Lim complex that has got great food.



  5. I work at a McDonalds. Where I live (in Perth, Western Australia) there are 5 McDonalds stores within a twenty minute drives radius, 3 of which have McCafes!

    I agree about the overly-complex-looking-designed lids, at the few I have been to (McCafes) lids and cup designs seem to have simplified somewhat.

    I hope you enjoyed Perth!

    I couldn’t get started in the morning without my caramel latte!


  6. Hello Stephanie,

    17 months on WordPress later, I still wonder about Categories and Tags and a even bigger wonder is how readers such as yourself found my post. Amazed nontheless at how far reaching the internet is even as a former IT professional the technology continues to an effective medium of advertising.

    But 20 years later after I first arrived Perth to join the many International students at the WA Int’l college when it was at the Claremont Campus, I still find myself reminiscing the good days and days I should forget about in the four years I lived there. If you have a chance to read my post The Accidental Artist, you’ll have gotten the impression that I struggled during my student years both in Brunei and in Perth with Perth being one of the most difficult. Partly due to the fact that my folks financed my studies and there’s the expectation and pressure that came with the territory got to me!

    But yeah, a decade later I returned to Perth for the first time long after I had graduated and the opportunity to bring my wife and kids (their first trip) were great as the Perth photo gallery shows. I would visit again when I have another opportunity and have coffee with you at a McCafe! 🙂


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