Brunei Darussalam


Known to many simply as Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Road, it’s now called Meritus Mandarin Singapore. I know some of you have a fascination for hotel rooms and here are some images to satisfy that voyeuristic demon inside you … signing out for the morning. Off to meet David at Starbucks across the road.





img_9935.jpg img_9930.jpg

Some of your may know the name CHATTERBOX, known for its famous Mandarin Chicken Rice. I ate there once some donkey years ago and remember their chicken rice was to die for! I also remembered it came with a pretty hefty price tag. Chatterbox was established as early as 1971 and is part of Meritus Mandarin. I have no plans to reminisce this time round so no pictures of chicken rice but you can expect to see some food pictures from this trip. I say some because I couldn’t help putting them into my mouth quicker than I can pick up the 20D to shoot 😛


  1. I remember going to Meritus for my college prom night. That was way before I started off photography.

    The ballrooms are pretty nice, but I never expected the rooms to be so cool. Especially love the Chinese styled wardrobe. Gotta have that in my home someday.



  2. That’s not only the thing you gotta have. Pay attention to the last photo on the right. Above the the bath tub is a see-through glass from the bathroom and vice-versa. It has a folding screen for privacy but accessible only from the bedroom. It’s a case of a little naughty but nice feature but not recommended when sharing room with strangers ;-).


  3. I’m sure you have lots of readers who enjoy looking at hotel photos and I am certainly one of them – especially when it comes to hotels that I have not had a chance to check out myself such as the Meritus Mandarin.

    I especially like that leather easy chair – not something I have ever seen in any other hotels.

    Beautiful photos – well done!


  4. A welcoming change I noted unlike other hotels I’ve stayed is the fact the air conditioner thermostat actually works. I have froze my butt off and have found only a handful of hotels that had working climate control.

    The other neat feature of the hotel is the way guests move. To prevent congestion, there are lifts that only go up as they are that only go down so there’s minimal or no unnecessary bumping into other guests. I have not seen this implemented at other hotels before.

    Yes, the easy chair is very comfortable and the overhead lighting while serving its purpose for those who like to read, I think the bulk of the setup is rather unsightly.


  5. Hi. Just got back from the newly renovated Royal Park. The hotel is ultra modern too, nearly similar to your pix here. Except they have a plush big purple sofa in the room instead of a leather chair. And the shower head are those big ones and the bed are ultra yummy. Note the ‘ultra’ words I’ve used. Hehe.


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