Brunei Darussalam


I suspect the kids had a roaring good time after my wife and I left home to catch an early flight to Singapore. She’s here for business while I am here to catch-up and network with some of the professional photographers whom I’ve come to know from Club Snap forum. These days keeping in touch with home is just a Skype away so from Uniquely Singapore Monopoly to  actually being there in the Lion City, oh how much I’ve missed this infectious cityscape filled with waves of people every single day of the calendar year.

img_9861a.jpg img_9867a.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

Coffee Bean @ the Brunei International Airport Transit Hall serves a mean western breakfast menu that while isn’t big on variety, its appetizing salmon with scrambled egg on toast is my favourite to go with a double-shot Cappuccino. A shot of our ride through the glass of the depature lounge that quickly filled with noises from fellow passengers and airport metal detectors.

© Jan Shim Photography

Two hours or so later, we’re checked into the Meritus Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Road neither of us had previously stayed. The smoking floor reeks of tobacco the second we stepped out of the lifts but thankfully it’s a lot more pleasant inside the room. The double-holed keycard with its signature picture of a dimpled smile marks the spot, welcoming its guests into a habitat quite unlike the other hotels I’ve stayed in from previous visits.

img_9877.jpg img_9896.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

img_9893.jpg img_9895.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

img_9890.jpg img_9888.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

I’ve been out shopping the entire afternoon hopping from store to store and ended up with clothes from the usual suspects: GAP, ESPRIT, Marks & Spencer … there isn’t a sale and even when there is one, it’s not comparable to the insanely marked down prices I’ve seen in HK. I’m the least qualified person to comment about shopping since I rarely indulge but everyone must already know that shopping here cannot be easy on your pocket unless you have very deep pockets.

Admittedly, like our female patrons, I have at times found shopping therapeutic. There, I’ve said it … and I made a conscious effort to leave my camera behind during my shrink sessions today along Orchard Road. Hello Singa-poor! 🙂

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