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As a professional photographer, my appreciation for precision optics goes beyond the Canon Professional L lenses in my care. When I am not working, I’m on the road commuting between work and home in the intense glare of sunny Brunei. Part of the work commute often means getting the equipment away from the sun and leaving the car in basement car parks. Normal sunglasses require you to take them off as they would be too dark to be practical in the basement which we do subconciously.  I would do this so much that it bothered me.

opglasses.jpg opglassesphoto.jpg
Oliver Peoples Eros Sunglasses © Jan Shim Photography

Almost like my photography career, I discovered these fantastic Oliver Peoples OXP Photochromic sunglasses by accident at New Plus Optical Co.—the owner had run out of glasses to suit my rather conservative taste. I just fell in love with the clean, dark avant-garde frame (never been one to try something hip that makes me look like a bug). 

Photochromic sunglasses use optics that changes its color or tint  depending on the amount of light. This is not a new technology but one that has been improved since its early implementation. My previous sunglasses were polarized and I got used to its characteristics and it doesn’t appear the OXP Photochromic has them. Regardless of this, its variable tint technology works well for me and I’m able to drive into basement car parks without removing them.

While we’re on the subject of sunglasses, I cannot stress enough the importance of UV protection. Seems it’s impossible to determine if the glasses we wear do in fact have UV protection, anyone can place a sticker claiming they do and the wearer suffers if they don’t. Non-UV compliant dark sunglasses cause the pupils to open allowing more than usual amount of UV light to enter the eye causing damage. People don’t realise this and mistakenly think that any dark sunglasses would offer protection. In the face of uncertainty, I stick to established names only.

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