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On the second day of the Hari Raya weekend and a sunny afternoon, the swimming pool is closed and best alternative to water fun is the beach. Again, the kids and I headed to the Billionth Barrel Monument landmark where these images were shot.

Bottle/Seria Beach© Jan Shim Photography

Ostensibly, the phrase message in a bottle originated from a castaway on an island who sent out a message in a bottle to seek help. Truth or myth, who knows—Google produced infinite pages of results ranging from songs to books to films with this title. A lone green empty bottle without a label on the beach leaves plenty of messages to the imagination although I am least bit familiar with this shape and size. It’s certainly too big for perfume, a little wrong for alcohol, inconveniently heavy for mouth wash. If anything, I’m getting mixed messages!

Seria Beach © Jan Shim Photography

Meanwhile the kids, Jamie and Jewel, are having fun in and out of the water. Forgetting to bring their spade and hoe, they resorted to what came naturally.

Sting Ray © Jan Shim Photography

Beaches are often washed up with all sorts of interesting items including this dead Sting Ray among other ocean bound creatures that had become inanimate objects left to fossilise.

6 thoughts on “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

  1. Like you, we were further up the coast at Lumut beach yesterday too.

    But unlike you, we didn’t find a bottle or a dead stingray – but a group of foreign workers having a splashing of a good time in the water. And that is something I have never seen before at our area.


  2. How interesting to have two bloggers including others not accounted for from that afternoon were connected by the common earth element of sand. As we were getting ready to leave, there was a Muslim family who in the midst of Raya celebration stopped by the Monument for a brief moment of sea breeze.


  3. One of my favorite things to do when returning to Brunei for a family visit is to sit at the beach. It is my own oasis of peace and quiet. It was also where my father and I used to sit and talk when I was a child. Last year was the first time I brought my little son to Brunei’s beach. He let loose and played. It was a poignant and blessed moment for me. I guess history does have a way of repeating itself.


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