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policebikes.jpg© Jan Shim Photography

In style. This is perhaps one of those rare opportunities for these hot Suzuki police bikes to parade for a photo op at the International Convention Centre earlier this year. I accompanied my daughter and her principal of Chung Ching Middle School and fellow achievers at an invitation-only event hosted by the Ministry of Education and His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei. Leaving the venue on our way to the car, I came across a sight I could not resist, at the risk of being frisked by a dozen onlooking cops!

I’m interested in identifying the model of these gorgeous bikes. The power of the web hasn’t particularly helped as these ones may very well be customised beyond the standard specifications.

policebikes2.jpg© Jan Shim Photography

I just answered my own question. Found the other stash of pictures from the event and the model name is right there: Cavalcade LX!

10 thoughts on “TO SERVE AND PROTECT

  1. These bikes are Suzuki Cavalcade LX models. This was the middle specification model they produced from 1985 – 1988.
    It is nice to see them lined up like this. When were the photo’s taken? The only non factory modification I can see at a glance is the “Crash Bar” that the blue light is mounted on. The red lights and extra chrome on the lower front forks are bolt on extras sold by Suzuki for these bikes at the time of production. I have owned two of these bikes in New Zealand and they are still very popular in the United States.


  2. Thanks Richard for the info.

    These pictures were taken earlier this year though the bikes may have been around longer than I can remember. I do not normally pay attention to them when they’re on the road except when they appear with the Royal entourage during the Sultan’s birthday celebrations or Royal wedding parade.


  3. Jan,

    Great pictures and interewsting they are still being used. I would be intrested in the purchase of the two pictures you have displayed (copies of course). I would love to put them on my wall. Also information you have on the location.


  4. As someone else said there is NO CUSTOMIZATION except for the mounting of the “fireball” revolving lights. Suzuki Cavalcade. Go to for so much info about these machines that you can’t absorb it in just one visit.

    Fantastic motorcycle. I would love to know the mechanical history on these particular motorcycles being used in law enforcement. There mechanics and service people could probably benefit from the web site as well.

    Jim Nelson
    Madison, WV USA
    1986 LX with 109,000 miles


  5. Jan,
    I’m sure our entire owners group would appreciate it if you could share these & any other photos you have of these bikes. Email me, Jim, Bill, or Richard for more info.
    Like Jim said, it would be very interesting to find out the history of these particular bikes, especially the maintenance records. I’m amazed that any government would keep machines in service this long! There MUST be a reason. Then again, we’re all convinced it’s the finest motorcycle ever built so why not?
    I notice that the lead bike has a full load of accessory chrome, while the others visible do not. The crash bars are interesting & very unusual, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that style fitted to a ‘cade.

    Ed Siler
    St Louis, Missouri, USA
    1986 Cavalcade LXE
    1986 Cavalcade LXE Trike
    1987 Cavalcade LXE (under restoration, 15K miles)


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