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DST TOWER © Jan Shim Photography

Jolted by the debut of TRANSFORMERS I began looking at giant structures differently ever since the movie’s debut on July 3 2007. The DST Tower (pictured above) on Tungku Link road has quite easily the most impressive facade of any office landmarks in the country, says me .

DST Tower © Jan Shim Photography

If you’re a Transfomer fan, like me, you cannot help but let your imagination run wild and conjure up images of what the DST Tower might transform into. The symmetric stairs had me thinking of the keypads of a cellular phone it could morph into. After all DST is the company that introduced mobile communications and transformed the way Bruneians communicate and has indisputedly the largest customer base of the two providers today.

Taking the metaphorical title a step further, what other cool objects do YOU think the DST Tower could transform into?


  1. Jan so this is your house…much smaller than i imagined 😉

    The tower looks like it could turn into robocop…yes that incredible movie from 1987.

    Love the lighting.


  2. Aaaahhh… home sweet home. Yes seriously, I spend way more time in that building than my home at times. Taking the lifts is like being on the giant drop ride in Jerudong Park Playground, albeit a very mild one. During monsoon times, you can hear the rain seriously banging hard on the glass walls which makes your imagination runs a bit wild. And everyday is like winter, its so cold that some of us works with gloves on! Nott kidding. Other than that, we have a breathtaking view of BSB when its all bright & shiny.

    Now I cant really imagine what else it could transform to but if it floats horizontally, I think it’ll make a cool spaceship and won’t look too shabby cruising next to The Enterprise on a Star Trek series.


  3. As a computing student in MD, we had the opportunity to visit this building a couple months ago. =)

    And erm, we did imagine that there’s a roller-coaster which goes around the building (pay a close look to the root-like thing, there’s some sort of rails, which is for the workers to move around and clean the building, I think). =D Ah well, that’s not so ‘transformer’ but I thought it would be nice to share. =p


  4. @ Wired

    I’ll bet that’s quite an interesting experience being ‘in the show’ so to speak. I also know about the wintery climate that seems to plague many offices in Brunei with little realization that air conditioning beyond human comfort contributes to neck, shoulder and back aches as posted in another article Cupping Therapy. No Pain No Gain. Such is life in corporate offices these days.

    “Breathtaking view of BSB” sounds like an invitation to drop in and letting my imagination run a little wild. I’m also imagining interesting photo op on that “bright & sunny” day. 🙂


  5. @ IngSiang

    Whenever I hear building and rollercoaster in the same sentence only one thing springs to mind—STRATOSPHERE HOTEL & CASINO in Las Vegas. When I stayed there 11 years ago, it was one of the most awesome hotels during my tour to have a panoramic view up to several kilometers away perhaps the entire Las Vegas landscape, I don’t remember exactly. It redefined the meaning of breathtaking but the element of fright was there when I was at the very top—a rollercoaster! The rest I leave it to your imagination.

    Now, experience like that would without doubt transform me had I the guts to do it but all it did was turn me into jelly.


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