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Chung Ching Middle School (CCMS) started educating the masses as early as 1938 and it’s remarkable how far its has come since its early days. Many of today’s highly accomplished senior individuals had been schooled at CCMS one time or another and my kids Jamie and Jewel are schooled here too since kindergarten in the hope that one day they too leave behind a legacy of achievements that continue to make the school proud. This year, CCMS celebrates its 69th anniversary and in an annual tradition of performances by its students, I accompanied my daughter for her final singing rehearsal and captured some of the moments to share. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery:


All images © Jan Shim Photography

10 thoughts on “69 YEARS ON. AGING IN STRIDE.

  1. I am an ex-CHMS’BSB, and I am proud of it, too. I think CHMS’BSB, CHMS’KB and ChungChing are great schools, definitely gotta be proud to be part of ’em. =D

    Anyway, nice photos there, for some reason, I like schools. That’s one of the major reason which drove my decision of getting a dSLR soon (hopefully by end of this year), because I am going to leave school soon (let’s see, I like the innocence of youth, when we get to university, things are much more complicated and people are way too mature and etc, btw, I am lower sixth student), so I can take this last year to shoot my friends, and all the lovely memories I spend with these people.

    You’re not likely to hang around a shopping complex for the whole afternoon again (after you leave secondary school) huh? That’s what I am trying to preserve, memories which happen in youth, teenage and secondary life only. =D

    Might get a D40 + 55-200mm VR, probably a SB-600 flash too, any suggestion? =D


  2. Hello again IngSiang,

    Thanks for visiting.

    I’m a former St John’s student who (much to the surprise of many) ended up in CHMS KB for the best and most memorable two years of my entire school life.

    I find the various subject of interests that you’ve posted on your blog fascinating and can certainly tell you have a passion for photography among other things. It’s a good skill to have that’ll last a life time even if it doesn’t become a livelihood.

    I’m off to CCMS right now and will continue this post after I return (and talk a little about your choice of camera equipment).


  3. Not at all. I had issues with latest release of FileZilla 3.0 so I was pre-occupied troubleshooting and running other non-Web errands. In the end, I downgraded to FileZilla 2.x and had FTP working again and I was finally able to upload the photo gallery that some had probably thought wasn’t going to happen:

    Now, serious gear talk! I don’t normally discuss choice of equipment but since you asked, I’ll come straight up with my thoughts that might burst your bubble (for good justifiable reasons). I shoot exclusively Canon as that’s a personal perference based on a number of compelling reason so to keep this discussion stricting unbiased, I’ll say this–you’ll want to seriously consider the D300 if Nikon does it for you. Why D300? This is the latest and first Nikon body that uses a CMOS sensor instead of the outdated and very “noisy” (grainy) CCD sensors.

    I appreciate that the price tag of the D300 may be slightly out of reach for many hobbyist but spare a thought about how serious a hobbyist you are and how much you value photography. I work with images extensively from Canon and Nikon (D200), up until the D300/D3 came along with sample High ISO images, the Nikon images shot at ISO 1600 are way too grainy for my taste. And trust me, we shoot ISO 1600 a lot especially in low light situations even with professional lenses that gives us that extra critical stop in exposure (we’re talking fast f/2.8-f/1.2 lenses that often cost more than the camera body.

    Also, consider aftersales support. From experience, digital cameras can develop with all kinds of anomalies and when this happens you’ll want to be able to return the camera to a a service centre and not get slapped with a huge repair bill. I know for a fact that many shops sell Nikon equipment that offer limited exchange policies. You should know that, at time of this writing, there is no official Nikon representation for the Brunei market unlike Canon which is represented by INTERHOUSE COMPANY who have always been there for me when I needed support.


  4. Jewelle,

    Thank you! You’re most welcome to.

    I’m including links to your blog so others can read your thoughts of the evening.

    1. Celebrating Her 69th
    2. Night of Dances and Deafening Music
    3. They Sure Are Loyal

    … we saw how extremely busy you were moving here and there but aren’t you planning to blog about the pictures you took that night? I’m counting on you for the full report, you know, LOL – Jewelle

    I think I’ll leave social reporting in your capable hands and I’ll let my photographs do the talkin’.


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