Brunei Darussalam


 August 7 2007. Precisely two weeks ago, I met Don in Kuala Belait for lunch before he made his way to Kuching via Miri airport. I was somewhat upset that I couldn’t go along as the Vietnam Embassy had my passport for a visa required for the upcoming ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum shoot in Hanoi. So, when Anthony informed me that he would be meeting Don at Miri airport, I was happy to keep him company. Great travel opportunities can happen when you have a passport. 🙂

^ With Don at Miri airport. Photo by Anthony Er.


^ On our way back to Brunei, we stopped by the new Coffee Bean to recharge and catch up a bit. Here’s Don and Anthony gazing at the menu.


^ Having gotten used to Coffee Bean Brunei’s setup, it’s a refreshing change to chill in a different one even though the theme is pretty much the same everywhere. The Miri establishment is a rectangular indoor-only setup that has enough room for a large wide wall paper that I chose for one of Don’s portraits below (still recognisable without his glasses). Don buys me iced cappuccino and tiramisu cheesecake.


^ Don shares his stories from Kuching while Anthony enjoys an engaging chat. There’s just so much to talk about in such a short time. When people from continents apart meet over coffee, great moments are lived and shared.


^ Don’s choice of Oreo Cheesecake makes for an interesting picture.


^ Don takes his glasses off for a moment. Here’s a portrait with the refreshingly cool wallpaper behind him. Did I mention we had Iced Cappuccino too ? 🙂


^ Don’s business card with an elegant touch of Chinese stamping. The stamp maker in China had his name pinyin into Don-Gu-Re-Witz to get the four distinct characters. If that’s a little too much for you then try perhaps visiting his website should be less daunting


  1. Goshhhh!!! the picture of the oreo cheesecake is just too mouth watering…..even after a heavy lunch..must eat , must eat….


  2. Anthony Er.. erm.. his wife is Karen?
    She was my teacher before!! I left Brunei a long time ago, accidentally came across your site. And how coincident to find his name on here. 🙂
    BTW, your photos are really good!!


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