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A moment with Desmond Chin at my studio. A moment too short!

On April 15 2007, I published an article to help raise awareness and funds for Children with Leukaemia through the Flora London Marathon. I have not had a chance to find out first hand from Matthew Martin what he thought of the event and the hurdles (physical and mental challenges) he must have had to overcome when the going got tough. (care to tell us more, Matthew? Some of us could do with a jolt of inspiration.)

A little over five years ago, I lost my brother to a crippling disease called Cerebral Palsy. An article in the May 2007 Readers Digest inspired this SHIMworld article in memory of my late brother and sharing this “new hope” with anyone looking for one. When I was contacted about Desmond Chin, the name did not ring a bell even though he’s supposedly from the same kampong as I am. The world has a strange way of uniting strangers and in many ways I’ve grown up to realize the opportunity to help someone is also an opporunity to help yourself discover the meaning of life.

When I finally met Desmond in person, it did not take long for me to realise that despite his condition, he appears a confident and high spirited individual. I made a pledge to help Desmond in anyway I can and through this blogging medium, I am able to  raise further awareness of his plight and appeal to an international audience. No twenty year old should be denied a chance of a normal life and I am confident that the close knit and caring community of Brunei keeps Desmond in high spirits—You hang in there, Desmond!

Here’s your chance to share your story, your thoughts or comments you may have with Desmond. Thank you. SW.!/janshim/status/52255775971737600


  1. Desmond, you will beat this! A strong positive mental attitude and the will to live are some of your best weapons against cancer. I believe in you man, you can do it! Don’t just hang in there, FIGHT THIS THING! I’m going to hang a copy of your article on the bulletin boards in my office building, we’ll be pulling for you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!


  2. DESMOND! keep on fighting no matter what. fight for what you love and fight for those who love you.

    Fight for the smiles that was once lost. Fight for your very rights.

    hang in there ! i am sure help is on the way.


  3. Hey desmond, I wish you all the best. I really admire your courage and the fact that you still have a positive attitude towards life after all that has happened. Good luck. Everyone will pray for you. You’re like a role model for everyone else. Ganbatte!!


  4. Desmond, there are still many plans in life for you to succeed, so dun put a stop sign there and roll this thing over, I am very sure you can do it, if you fight it real hard. The world is big and full of things for you to explore and it’s waiting for you, so all the best and be there and do it in time to come….

    All the best…


  5. hi everyone,

    im really great to see all this sweet comments.Really thanks alot for all this lovely comments and support by you all.thanks for so caring.

    From Desmond


  6. Get away your fear and your worries..
    Trust the power within you..
    Putting hope and increase your strength to hold on.

    Sending Angels to guide your heart
    and your soul to protect you..
    Family and friends or even strangers grant you
    their healing light to get rid of your sickness..
    and the fastest recovery coming along your way.

    God Blessed
    Will remember u always in my prayer.


  7. Your good aquaintance Mr. Jan Shim updated me on your condition and might I say you have a great person on your side…stay focused on what you know to be real and what you seek to achieve and overcome. Nothing is easy in this world and this is no different but attainable like anything else. I wish you great confidence, strength, and spirits from your friend you never met over in the USA 🙂

    Best Wishes and Regards,

    Matt from Connecticut


  8. hi Desmond ..

    Heard that u have discharged..Thank God for answering my got to stand firm!! Well done..keep in up!!

    Big hug for you Desmond!


  9. I dropped in to see what you’ll blog about Soi Hing after hubby pointed you out to me at the shop.

    Anyway, is this the Desmond who used to go to St. Mike’s? If so, then I remember him. I’m sorry to read about his problem and hopefully through your awareness, he will get the help that he needs to get better. Pls let him know that his old librarian wish him all the best.


  10. Desmond!! Greetings from Australia! Take the bull by the horns , be positive and fight the fight. Australians are in your corner barracking and supporting you. See the beauty of today and forge forward into tomorrow. All the best



  11. Greetings folks,

    What a week it’s been! It began with a shoot on Monday in BSB that was scheduled way too early. I had my alarm set to go off at 5.45am (slept at 1am). Cutting a long story short, we wrapped up the shoot slightly after 6pm as it was getting late and I was exhausted, hungry, hot and sweaty. First thing that sprang to mind was to get home as quickly as possible.

    Then along the way, something uncharacteristic happened. I made a wrong turn and found myself driving towards the hospital to see Desmond. I turned up unannounced and meeting Desmond for the first time quickly made me forget I was in a hurry to get home. He had read this blog earlier and invited me to meet and when we did, I had an engaging conversation for 30 minutes or so. The whole time we talked he remained determined and clearly in high spirits. The next day (July 31st) he was discharged to rest at home. An hour and a half is how long it takes to get home from the hospital and vice versa on his next check-up.


    On this page are updates appearing in chronological order beginning with most recent entries followed by (after ~~~) credits to those who have contributed one way or another.

    MAY 30, 2008
    Good news! Many thanks to Lovellynn’s determination to shed new light on Desmond’s condition after months of absence and silence leaving caring folks in the dark. Thank you!

    FEB 5, 2008
    Up until Feb 4, 2008, I have kept ALL donations with me with the hope that I could personally hand them to Desmond. Unfortunately, try as I have, I was unable to meet Desmond when I was in Singapore due to a last minute chemo session. I decided on the morning of Feb 9 that I would remit all donations including those held by PayPal, a total of B$2,300 after I topped it up to a nice round figure. I wrote a cheque for this amount and banked into Desmond’s Baiduri Bank account on Feb 5th at 3:54 PM.

    NOV 8, 2007
    New post has been created

    In my recent trip to Singapore, one of a number of highly anticipated to-do items was to visit Desmond Chin. In the months leading up to his treatment abroad, we’ve been communicating on and off via text messaging but over time comms cost add up and take a toll of its long term viability….He deeply appreciates all the well-wishes and financial contribution. Your kindness and generousity have made a difference to giving him hope and a life to look forward to although the road to recovery may still be a long a winding one.

    OCT 12, 2007
    Received a surprising phone call right before lunch as I was out and about in town. Seems his regular chemo sessions have been effective and his white blood count has lowered significantly. Sometime this month, a final high dose of chemo will be administered that is expected to completely rid of the offending WB cells. That is the plan and let us wish him all the best. I’m making a trip to Singapore between October 28 and 31st and I plan to pay him a visit (hoping it doesn’t coincide with his major treatment). Stay tuned for further updates.

    SEP 26, 2007
    It’s been three weeks since my last communication with Desmond and I hadn’t been able to post any updates. Until I came across the generousity of Janice in Singapore who volunteered her precious time to be my eyes and ears to Desmond’s condition. Many thanks Janice who visited Desmond yesterday at the hospital on Mooncake Festival and she brings us the following …

    Desmond’s doing real good. Much professional help and care have been administered to him. Unfortunately, I am VERY inadequate in my medical science, thus, I am unable to give any medical “reports”. Much of his condition’s information are under wraps, as mentioned by Jan Shim, by the hospital and staff. But be glad to know he is going through chemotherapy and keeping his spirits up. We are looking forward to the day that he is well again.

    SEP 12, 2007
    You’ll be pleased to know that Desmond’s white blood count has reduced since he began chemotherapy treatment at NUH. Exactly how much the number has gone down is not known at this point. His medical records are kept under wraps and the relative scarcity of communication from Desmond means information posted here are sporadic at best. Desmond has no access to the web or shall I say, he finds the fees for web access too costly so he pays for the lower tariff that allows minimal use such as instant messaging. As much as he likes to read and to respond to your comments, he can’t.

    SEP 08, 2007
    Earlier this evening I caught up with Desmond who informed me that doctors have begun chemotherapy and are monitoring his condition closely for changes. Due to inconvenience and costly internet services, Desmond keeps his online time short negating opportunties to have a decent conversation.

    SEP 06, 2007
    On Aug 26, a day after I returned from my Hanoi (Vietnam) assignment with Asia Inc Forum and feeling a great need for a quiet and relaxed weekend, Desmond informed me that he had been notified by the government hospital to receive further medical consultation and follow-up treatments at National University Hospital in Singapore.

    It’s still unclear what his progress is and from the limited online time I had with Desmond online I learnt he’d had minor surgery to have a previously implanted tube removed. I’m certain Desmond is in good hands and he’s grateful for everyone’s contribution, prayers and well-wishes. In the short time that I’ve known Desmond and the world around him, this is the best news I’ve heard so far! Certainly, as a Bruneian Permanent Resident like Desmond, I’m very encouraged by this gesture and I sincerely hope that this sets a new precedence for health care.

    AUG 14 2007
    An update from Desmond today via SMS. A week since the last update and he’s now B$5,000 better off bringing the total to B$50,000. He’s still short of B$55,000 but donations are still coming in steadily. Thank you everyone for your kindness.

    AUG 7 2007
    Before I introduce a number that indicate’s Desmond’s white blood cells (leukocytes) it helps to understand what it all means. According to Wikipedia “The number of leukocytes in the blood is often an indicator of disease. There are normally between 4×109 and 11×109 white blood cells in a litre of blood, making up approximately 1% of blood in a healthy adult.” Desmond’s count is a whopping 142.

    The efforts to raise donations are two folds. He needs money for Leukaemia drug CLOFARABINE. He also needs money for bone marrow transplant surgery which can only be performed after Clofarabine has been proven effective. This is my understanding so far. As of now, efforts are being made to identify a supplier of the drug. I’m also told the drug costs USD68,500 (~B$105,000) and B$45,000 has so far been raised. Desmond still needs to raise B$60,000 just to be able to pay for the drugs minus whatever incidental expenses that may incur. So there you have it—Desmond’s situation in a nutshell.


    I want to thank the following people for their support. Names are listed in the alphabetical order followed by the order as they apppear following this post.

    1. DJ Jenny Malai Ali who on the JENNY M show on Kristal FM gave this article a mention not once but several times to reach out to listeners.

    2. Jewelle Tan, former librarian of Desmond Tan for linking this page on her blog.

    3. Reeda Malik of for putting a link on his site to redirect viewers to this page.

    4. Rano Iskandar of for a mention on the No.1 Social News Blog in Brunei.

    5. Vince Hong of Sin Chew Daily News for providing me their backdated article for inclusion in this post. Link to the PDF document is included above under Additional Information.

    6. Yazid Yakub for his PayPal donation.

    7. David Ho for linking this page on his blog in Singapore.

    8. Louis Pang Photography (Malaysia) for his PayPal donation.

    9. David Cheok Photography for linking to this page.

    10. Kid Chan Studio (Malaysia) for extending a helping hand.

    11. Adeline & Ronald (Hong Kong) for their PayPal donation and a link on Adeline’s blog. Woof!

    12. Colin Q Photography (Singapore) for his support.

    13. DJ Izan Zein on Pilihan Radio for her conscientious support.

    14. Ms E.C. for her cash donation. She wishes to remain anonymous.

    15. IngSiang for your Lend A Hand support.

    16. Roland Lim Studio for posting the appeal on his blog and reaching out to fellow Hong Kong friends and forum members.

    17. Mei Ting of Radio Brunei Mandarin segment for her support in the rally for more donations and well-wishes.

    18. Simpur Blogging Nation for their well wishes and support of SHIMworld. The national flower (Bunga Simpur) spreads its colors!

    19. Yin Shuo of Regent Tour China for promoting the Desmond Chin story on Dajiatie Love in China forum in China.

    20. Mr KK and Mr YY for their anonymous cash donation.

    21. Ms HFY of Brunei Shell Petroleum for her anonymous cash donation.

    22. Ms Masjuwita Abd Hamid, a cancer survivor, for her inspiring and riveting story Chilling words of a life with cancer.

    23. Miss A Bowron for her PayPal donation.

    24. Jean Liew for her PayPal donation.

    25. Aderyn Loh for her PayPal donation.

    26. Noor Osman for her PayPal donation.

    27. Anon for his anonymous donation.

    28. TOPPY Hair Salon, a Wella Trend Vision Award 2007 Theme Winner, for their support and donations.

    29. Shawn Narcis and friends for their donations and well-wishes.

    30. Mr Y for his anonymous donation.

    31. Chern Houng Low for his PayPal donation.

    32. Jean Liew for her second PayPal donation.

    33. Jennifer of C-Wave Technology for her PayPal donation.

    34. Mohamed Y Salleh for his PayPal donation.

    35. My cousin in Canada, Jason Shim, for his PayPal donation.

    36. Fadzil Ahmad of BSP for his PayPal donation.

    37. Yen Yen Hong for her PayPal donation.

    Many thanks to everyone who responded to this appeal by donating or leaving a comment. A little goes a long way. Desmond deeply appreciates all that you’re are able to do for him.

    Keep those DONATIONS and WELL-WISHES coming—every bit helps!


  13. @ Jewelle,

    Thanks for visiting. I have passed your message to Desmond who will also be checking this page as soon as he can. The Soi Hing article is published. I brought my visiting cousin Jason from Canada to Soi Hing for a taste of what is arguably the best fried Kway Teow in Brunei.


  14. Hi Desmond,

    At 20, you must be very strong to hang in there!! Keep up your strong spirit…and I will pray for you to get well soon!!


  15. Hi Desmond,

    Wishing you all the best for a speedy road to good health. Great to hear that you are in good spirits.. be patient with things and always be grateful for all the little things in life 🙂 Hope you get your medicine as soon as possible.



  16. You can beat this. It’s going to be tough but if you keep that positive attitude then you’ll pull through this and go on to live a happy life. We’re all pulling for you! All the best wishes from here at Microsoft.



  17. Hey Desmond,

    I’m sure you will come out of this battle victorious!

    You know that you have a choice and I believe a young man like you will fight all the way!!! What you are expriencing at just lying symptmoms….it is not the Truth!

    The truth is you will be healed and healthy!

    I will keep you in my prayers daily! send me an email if i can pray for you in specific areas.

    God Bless!


  18. Dear Desmond,

    Be of good cheer! God has a plan for all of us so He has a plan for you too. Keep your positive spirit nothing is impossible for Him. Cheerful heart is a good medicine. Leave all your worries and burdens to Him He will carry you through. May God bless and guide always.


  19. Hi Desmond,

    Be confident, strong and fight it hard. NEVER give up.
    Stay Positive.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Ps: Please do remember you are NOT alone on this. We are all here supporting you.

    Warmest Regards,
    Adeline & Ronald from Hong Kong.


  20. Dear Desmond,

    be strong and confident!
    Believe in yourself! 🙂
    You’ll see, you will be taking part in the “Iron Man” contest in Hawaii in a few years’ time!!!

    Wishing you all the best!
    Berthold (from Berlin, Germany)


  21. thank all of you all so supporting me.
    thanks to jan shim too.thanks… i cant make myself stop thanking you all.
    god bless you all.


  22. Desmond,

    I wish you all the best. Remember, never stop fighting till the fight is done. The following is poem I’d like to share with everyone (actually written by Kitou Aya):

    Everyone feels pain.
    But surely, after suffering satisfaction will arrive.
    Even with sports, studying or other ordeals.
    With life, it’s like that for everyone.
    If we can beat the pain, on the other side,
    a rainbow of happiness awaits us.
    That will definitely become a treasure.
    Let’s believe in that.

    Bandar Seri Begawan


  23. I just saw this posting of yours, I’ll link this. Still need money? How much? I can try to talk with my friends and see if we can do a campaign in school.


    Stay strong. =) I have an aunt who was infected with final stage lung cancer before, and she’s fully recovered now. You need to stay strong and confident mentally, it does make a difference. =)



  24. Desmond, you can fight through this 🙂 We’re all rooting for you and you’re not alone! The MD-ians are helping as well, according to Ing Siang! Ganbatte ne!


  25. Desmond,

    Keep up the spirit! I will do my best to spread your story and hopefully will reach more people in the world.

    As a medical doctor professionally, I can understand your pain and suffering.

    God bless you!

    Best regards,



  26. Hi Desmond!

    Life is full of up & down. I once had a friend with leukaemia and losing her is a pain. Never give up! I’m trying to contribute as much as i could from some friends and families. We will transfer to your account soonest possible! No promising for big amount but we will try

    Gambadeh! q(^_^)p


  27. Desmond,

    In spite of all that is happening around you, well wishes and uplifting words of encouragement from so many people in Brunei and around the world continue to fill this post. I have received considerable number of emails from others who are keen to know your condition and those who emailed to let me know they had made a donation to your account. The support has just been been incredible!

    Of the emails I received, one that stood out is from Masjuwita Abd Hamid, a Brunei Shell Petroleum employee and a cancer survivor whose story was published by Brunei Times on March 11, 2007. I’ve known her for a very long time but it wasn’t until very recently that I got to know about this. Mas was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer termed Angiosarcoma, the first case ever encountered in Brunei. I don’t think words can adequately describe

    * Read Masjuwita’s courageous and riveting story: Chilling words of a life with cancer.


  28. Have Courage…It’ll take you far.

    When my father lost to cancer after his struggle with it for over 20 years, it taught me a lesson. Have courage. My father endured pain, suffering and uncertainty of living. But he never gave up.

    An internal haemorrhage within his lungs led to his drowning in his own blood, my father left in a sudden. His legacy to us, especially me, is not to give up. He never cried for pity. He lived like a normal person.

    I encourage you to have courage to be patient while help is on the way. Stay the course. Run the race. Shimworld and the rest of the world is now steered towards you. Keep the faith.


  29. Hi Desmond,
    I came to know about you from my cousin, Jan Shim. I was actually on vacation in Brunei visiting my cousin when I heard the news. Thanks to his great efforts in setting up this website which attracted well-wishers from around the world giving you their sincere support. Like yourself, I was an ex St. Michael’s student, graduated in 1986.
    You have great strength, confident, courage and high spirits. Keep holding on. Wishing you all the very best in your recovery.

    Jason Shim
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  30. Hi Desmond

    It’s me. How are you? I hope my article would inspire and help you through the journey. I know it is tough, but have faith in God and the fate from God binds you.

    Remember, you are not alone, there is life tomorrow……


  31. desmond ure a fighter and a very strong man to beat this. juz know that im spreadign the news like wild fire amongst ppl . u r in my thoughts and my prayers. hugs u . juz remember these words desmond….:” a strong mind , will and heart will beat this and once it does u can do anything!” lots of love and positive energy from izan and friends


  32. Dear Desmond,

    Hi, i just got this thru a fren in KB & forwarding to others.

    We will continue to keep u in our prayers & may the grace of God provide all the financial assistance that u need for the treatment & transplant.

    Its good to read that many people out there are encouraging u to keep your faith in God. Like Christina of Miri say “jia-yu”

    God bless,


  33. Hi Desmond,

    Glad to see so much support coming in for you! I’m more than happy to do my part. Did you know we’re related? I’m one of your cousin Ming2’s uncle 🙂

    Take care Desmond and keep up the fight! Jia-you!


  34. hi desmond,

    sorry to hear about your illness.

    my uncle suffered the same fate when he was 16. During that time we were living at seria, too.

    you are not alone. we are all here for you.



  35. Hi desmond,

    From all the wishes and prayers from all of us, you also have to be strong and be a fighter to get through this.

    p.s. Whom and How to donate?



  36. @ RCKP (Richard)

    Thanks for visiting. You can donate via PayPal (link on side bar) or directly to Desmond’s Baiduri Bank Account:

    Account Name: CHIN YUN CHUN
    Account Number: 6000706346202

    Many thanks for your support.


  37. Dear Desmond,

    im sorry to hear about your condition, if i have heard about it earlier maybe your are on your way to recorvery right now. if your are interested to try one product, please dont hesitate to let me know. this product is well-known to cure leukimia patient and not only that its approved by WHO, UNESCO and other 10 international health organization. it’s not a type of drug but a kind of health food that can regenerate your body cells. this product has been analyse by specialist all over the world including our own Min. of Health lab.


  38. Hi Desmond,

    It has been a while that you remain positive on your suffering. I come to know of this link via the BruClass Asian Community from Demo_Cat. How is thing now? and yourself… and how’s school?


  39. Just a suggestion.
    Is there any plan to reach to the kind people via roadshow nationwide? For example setting up Desmond Chin fund raising at The Mall or even having discussion with DST and B-Mobile through SMS just like Brunei Prihatin. I am sure Brunei Government had no restriction for the humanatarian aid. The 2 telecomunication private company would support it as well so long submit a proper proposal.


  40. jan, it is worth a try contacting the Director of Community Development Department, Datin Hjh Adina bte Othman, for assistance.

    Ministry of health may have failed in monetary assistance, perhaps this department along with the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport are the better channels for such assistance.

    the sms fund raising does seem to be a viable solution if your friends or relatives have the knowhow in arranging such a proposal. Otherwise contact the above department or ministry of culture, youth and sports for assistance.

    if all esle fail, give us a shout at bruclass forum; thread… something very wrong.

    the government should help as desmond is a resident of brunei.


  41. @ Awang Budiman

    Thank you for your support and messages of encouragement. You may not have read the updates I posted at Comment#25 above. This is the link from which the “Desmond Chin Leukaemia Update” button on the sidebar is associated.

    Two weeks ago today (August 27th) RIPAS sent Desmond to Singapore and he’s currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the National University Hospital from recent update.



  42. Jan Shim, I did from time to time read the updates. Thanks. Any update from your last 08-Sep-2007?

    I have a friend from BSP that is having difficulty to do his transaction via the paypal. I advise him to contact you directly.

    What do you think of the suggestion? See 74 & 75 above.


  43. i had missed the recent comments as i had been scrolling to the end of the comment for newly appended changes. silly of me.

    for others convenience, part 1 of the update is in descending order of dates, therefore is inserted at the very beginning of comment, unlike part 2, where the update is inserted the usual way, accending order.

    jan, that’s good news. does that mean desmond’s future medical needs will be taken care of by RIPAS?

    ab, i have the same problem with paypal, too.


  44. @ demo_cat

    That’s correct. In order to have both sets of updates (the donations and Desmond’s condition) appear in one location, this is the most practical approach I could come up with while keeping the events chronological for the convenience of viewers and donors.

    I have been in touch with Awang Budiman’s friend in BSP (presumably Fadzil) regarding his PayPal issues and are in the process of resolving that—approval for first-time PayPal application isn’t immediate and it only takes a few days to get it done depending on which bank you associate it with. Once approved, your PayPal Brunei account will allow you to make payments only which in this case allows one to make a donation to another PayPal. You may also use PayPal to make payments when ordering items online and so forth.


  45. Thanks Jan. Fadzil do acknowledge and will update once resolve. We all are concerned about Desmond well-being and financially fit. The more delays and pending issues over the donation via paypal, the wait may be unbearable for Desmond.


  46. Demo_Cat,
    Any luck on your paypal? I just being informed by Fadzil via email that his donation just got through. He added that he login to HSBC internet banking to see for his 4 digit paypal’s expanded use number. Then browse the shimworld “paypal” and use that 4 digits. He said what he think happened before was the credit card will only create paypal account but no payment is made yet until you received several emails from paypal to verify your profile and also the bank statement for your 4 digits and also SGD$3.00 fees. Simply, he said enter the amount and login to your paypal account and the rest is straight forward. So, its Friday, good luck mate.


  47. Anyone in Brunei who’s setting up PayPal Brunei account for the first time, please understand a few things to ensure the procedures are met and complied to. Do note that PayPal is a virtual bank, not a physical one so when you have problems you can’t just walk into one and expect to have your problems resolved over the counter! I once opened an account and mistakenly entered my names as First/Last Name in reverse and when I wrote to PayPal to inform them about an honest mistake I had made, PP wasted no time in permanently freezing my account suspecting my intentions as fradulent. No matter how much I appealed to PayPal, there was no way I was going to convince them to reverse the ban. Point is, exercise diligence in the use of PayPal.

    Anyone who has begun the online application process will have enountered the part where you’re required to enter a credit card number. I believe after you’ve completed this procedure, PayPal advises you to obtain a four digit number that appears in your next credit card statement. Depending on your bank, it may take up to a month before you receive your paper statement (this can be frustrating). I am with HSBC and through its internet banking service, the four digits code appeared shortly via the online statement.

    Also note that your PayPal Brunei account is limited to payments only. You cannot receive money with this account. Once you have successfully created this account, you can then make online purchases using PayPal (where PayPal payment option is available) and reduce the risks of credit card fraud.

    Hope this helps.


  48. Thanks to Jan Shim, I was able to know about Desmond. And when I found out he’s here in Singapore for treatment, I paid him a visit yesterday.

    Desmond’s doing real good. Much professional help and care have been administered to him. Unfortunately, I am VERY inadequate in my medical science, thus, I am unable to give any medical “reports”. Much of his condition’s information are under wraps, as mentioned by Jan Shim, by the hospital and staff. But be glad to know he is going through chemotherapy and keeping his spirits up. We are looking forward to the day that he is well again.

    Desmond is a very mature and outgoing young man. I became fast friends with him too. I believe many of us are wishing him well and I’ve given him our greetings from SHIMWORLD. He thanks everyone for their concern and love.

    It is not easy nor cheap for him to access the internet at the hospital and thus, I’ll try to update him on the ongoings as much as possible. 🙂

    Desmond! “Jia You!!”



  49. Janice, thank you for the update.

    Chemo is a very unpleasant treatment, and unfortunately for many it is just the start of the process, whereby the white cells are brought under control. My best wishes join yours to Desmond at this time

    A bone marrow transplant and recovery are the next phases, and regrettably these are not automatic cures. One of my dear friends went through this some years ago, and by cruel fate while she herself was in remission, leukaemia struck one of her daughters, who sadly died at the age of 8.

    What can we do?

    + Helping to pay medical fees is one thing, and may save a life. We hope so, Desmond.

    + Getting the message out that we should be finding a real cure for this form of cancer – yes, a cure. For more information is a good place to start.

    + Raising money for research charities. There are many ways to raise money for charity, and there are now a number of internet sites where you can establish a fund-raising account. These are linked directly to the charities you represent. is one and the other which I used for my London Marathon 2007 effort was Earlier this year I managed to raise over b$12,000 for the fund. My account is still open for donations at

    + Register as a bone marrow donor. See and search for a registry in your home country. The health sciences authority in Singapore are listed under “other registries” with a contact number of +65 63271344 . Registration (you must be under 40 years) is simple, via a blood test. One day you might get the call to help save a life.

    In response to Jan’s earlier comment, the London Marathon was a fantastic experience. Not only the carnival atmosphere of almost 2 million spectators lining the route, but the feeling of togetherness with fellow runners and spectators. The majority of runners are raising funds for one charity or another.

    At the age of 44 and with a desk-bound job, the dedication required to train 4 mornings a week for 4 months in Brunei’s heat was truly an effort. The run itself was the reward. I even saw my dear friend who lost her daughter – she and her family were looking out for me at the 23-mile mark.

    “Children With Leukaemia” have written to ask if they can consider me for their London Marathon team next year. I have said I will be applying for a place.

    I arrange many Charity events in Brunei for HSBC Cares which give my colleagues a chance to participate in both fund-raising and community giving programs. Not only do I feel our efforts are appreciated by the charities we support, but I know our volunteers take huge pride in giving back to the community. We can and should all get involved to support those who need us.


  50. Hi Desmond,

    I heard about your case several months ago, but I’ve never check up on your condition. And thanks to this site, we can know the updates of your condition which i am sure all those who donated would like to know.

    I have a few relatives who were diagnosed with cancer and some of them are recovering at the moment and one has fully recovered. So bear in mind that this is a disease that can be cured. Nothing is impossible. Keep your spirits high and you will be in my prayers..=)


  51. Dear Jan

    I am touched by the effort that you have put in. Keep up the good work! When I was back in Br in June, my eldest sis. told me about Desmond’s condition and since my family had acted accordingly. I hope everything goes well with him and I sincerely wish him speedy recovery!

    I can empathize with what you are/have been going through with the lose of your brother. Like yourself, I too wish that there are all sorts of facilities that are made available to reach out to those with special needs then. Today, I accompanied a visitor from Br visiting a few facilities which provide services for individuals with disabilities, one of which is dealing with spastic/celebral palsy children of which I had helped in making the appointments. It’s a real eye-opener for the visitor. I know a lot more will be done in Br to cater for the needs of these individuals in the near future. In case you aren’t aware, Pusat Ehsan located in Bengkurong Masin does provide some services for the special needs group. Though they may not have the top facilities as a NPO/NGO, I think they have done their best with the resources they have at the moment.

    Take care.


  52. Jan, can you get Desmond to read this great book called Cancer Cured Naturally written by Betty Khoo-Kingsley, a Singaporean who used to live in Darwin. A beautiful collection of stories from cancer survivors and how they beat the odds by curing themselves with natural organic food.


  53. For a while now, I have lost touch with Desmond and like many of you, I too would like to know the status of his health and therapy sessions. The last conversation I had with him was that he’s under going chemo and undesirable side effects he was going through at each session. At this point, I don’t even know if he’s still in Singapore and the whereabouts of his accommodation while he’s in Singapore is largely unknown (besides treatment being administered at NUH).

    I’ve done all that I can to help create awareness to raise funds for his treatment and I wish him and his family all the best.


  54. Pingback: Hermin4’s Weblog
  55. Sadly, no. Short of actually driving to his house and knocking on the door to find out, I have no updates from him or anyone else for that matter. This post has served and fulfilled its purpose and I shall leave it at that for now until I have further information. As you are in Singapore, perhaps you could do us a favour by checking with the hospital if he’s still getting treatment there?


  56. Last night I went to visit a friend admitted for high fever and had happen to check for Desmond.

    But according to the system checking (by 1 of the kind nurse), there’s no record of Desmond, despite given the full name (Chin Yun Chun) for her to search.

    She advised me to email or call up International Patient Liaison Centre to check as Desmond is a transferred patient from oversea.

    This morning tried to call but was being put on hold for a long time, so I’ve email and ask instead.

    Right now, was waiting for reply.

    I will let you all know once I’ve gotten reply from the relavant department.


  57. Good news for all,

    Desmond is still receiving treatment in Singapore and his family were also here.

    Here’s the reply I’ve received from International Patient Liaison Centre, :-

    On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 4:45 PM, wrote:

    Dear Lovellynn,

    Thank you for your email enquiry. As checked, we are only able to let you know that patient is still receiving treatment at our hospital..To be more specific, patient is now at ward 58H bed 5, under care of Dr Koh Liang Piu.

    Best Regards,

    Emmy Nguyen
    International Patient Liaison Centre (IPLC)
    Helpline: 6779 2777
    Fax: 6777 8065
    email :

    Hope this info helps to clear some queries for all the concerned pals here.

    I’ll try to visit him next week, probably on 7th June, as I’m having a busy schedule over this weekend and early week of June.

    If you guys/gals have any message for him, you may like to post it here (Jan, hope you don’t mind) and I will print it out and bring it to him.


  58. No, not at all. I was at first concerned about the amount of information you’ve disclosed to the public but at moment later, I decided it didn’t require moderation since the information while quite elaborate does not contain any sensitive details to warrant editing.

    Thank you very much for your determination to locate Desmond though I’m surprised IPLC entertained your enquiry when you wrote in with your nick ‘lovellynn’ or is this your real name? I have updated Comment 25 in case people are monitoring updates there.


  59. Lol. Lovellynn is my real name. Usually my friends & colleagues will call me Lynn as they find it troublesome to pronounce it in full.

    The reason for me to locate Desmond is purely wanted to see if there are anything that I could help, though not financially, but at least in some other ways which is within my ability. Cosas a volunteer for Children Cancer Foundation, I understand how hard it could be to drain away a person’s determination when chemotherapy was induced.


  60. Oh yes, Jan.
    If you don’t mind, could you please edit comment #96.

    Delete the numbers for the patients family. I don’t want them to be disturb in any ways due to my negligence to delete off.

    Thanks and please also delete this comment after that.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    [SW] DONE.


  61. Hi all.

    Last night I’ve planned to go and give Desmond a surprise visit at the hospital, but in the end did not get to see him as he had instructed not to be disturb.

    Well, since it turn out like this, I had chatted with the nurse for awhile to ask about his condition.

    I got a firmed reply from the nurse (she’s the nurse whom had attended to him for the past 7 months while she’s on shift.) that Desmond is determine to get cured despite all the past chemo sessions that are really torturing him and although he had once thinking of giving up, BUT, now the nurse and doctor are very certain that he will not give up as he had seen successful cases of recovery.

    I also had left a note for him to call me which goes like this:-

    Hi Desmond,

    I have got to know you thru Jan Shim from his blog, Shimworld. We all know that you are strong and determine to get well and I have also print out all the wishes posted on Shimworld. When you are feeling better, feel free to contact me at 9######6. I will continue to monitor and print out the messages and wishes and hand it to you personally when we meet.

    Best regards,
    Lovellynn Tay

    So, I will be awaiting for his call anytime from now.. (“,)


  62. hello to shimworld readers,

    hi its been long tme i do not online.haha..hope shimworld readers doing great out there and keep follow up what janshim update those interesting latest picture he got for doing good. no worry about me. just done my bone marrow transplant so now is the best time for resting time..haha.. im not going anywhere or shopping.wuuu..i wish i can go shopping.haha.

    actually its ok lah..just be patient and health is important man. ok till here..
    will hardly online because rest is also important. haha…

    thanks for those lovely comment and no worries about me, im fine already. blood test all normal.. cool man! ok guys…take care!

    hey jan, keep up your shot man… shot more of those cool things. i know you will buddy.. ok take care and bye!

    Best Regards,


  63. Hello Desmond,

    It’s good to finally hear from you after what seemed to be an eternity. I’m certain many of us are happy that you’re recovering nicely and from your tone, are remaining very determined and positive about life !

    Stay in touch whenever you can. You’re a beacon of hope and inspiration to many.


  64. Hello To Shimworld,

    haha i just realise i missed to write something in the previously comment. the readers said im thinking once to give up my life. no no.. is impossible man. i never have this thinking and i dont know you heard this from who but its ok.
    i am Desmond..future still got alot of good things waiting for me to do.haha.. since the day i step in singapore i dont have the words GIVE UP in my mind. just go ahead if u think its OK! hope the others did the same too.GIve up is not a good words to use baby.hehe.. im glad and thanks to GOD that im healthy again. thanks to the GOD and Prayers!

    Take Care


  65. Just heard an update from my church in Bandar about Des’ condition…Des’ been in and out of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the past few months to the extend where doctor even asked Des whether he wanted to give up his treatment but Des still remained positive and went ahead with the chemotherapy.

    He managed to undergo a bone marrow transplant few months back and not long after that operation, he was admitted to the I.C.U due to his worsening condition. But few weeks later, when doctor could get his health under control, he was release back to the normal ward and then earlier last month, he’s been discharged from the hospital.

    Although discharged, Des can’t return home to Brunei yet due to his weak state after a lot of chemotherapies, radiotherapies and operations so he will still remain in Sg for the time being. At the moment, he’s being asked to report back to the hospital 4 – 5 times per week to monitor his condition closely.

    Des, don’t ever give up! We’re praying for you back home!

    (P/S: Jan, can i copy the small icon of Des from your site and place it on my site to link it here?)


  66. Many thanks for the update!

    Prior to Desmond’s comment (#102), a source close to him had updated me by email and it’s in line with what you heard. There was a time I wasn’t sure if he had bone marrow transplant and if he had whether the procesure was successful or not. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing for sure that he had and has been recovering slowly. All along, I’ve known that the road to full recovery would be a long one in his condition.

    I have only one wish, well two wishes: first and foremost that he fully recovers no matter how long it takes and secondly to see him in person again. This is one of life’s irony—he lives no more than 10 minutes walking distance from me and yet he’s not within reach.

    You’re welcome to copy the Desmond Chin button and link to this post.


  67. Jan, how is Desmond now? Hopefully he is doing allright… My niece (my 1st. cousin’s daughter) had the same illness since young. She had a bone marrow transplant, the donor being her younger sister herself, and now she has somewhat recovered, manage to get her degree in law and married to a lawyer too…


    1. I received a text message from a friend who said he passed away at 7.30 am today (March 28, 2011). Truly saddened by this news of his untimely departure. He’s the bravest person I have had the privilege to know personally. My prayers go out to his family and friends who have supported him all the way!


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