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Modern Tradition Steamware

OSHINO Steamer © Jan Shim Photography

OSHINO Steamer © Jan Shim Photography

When my sister-in-law bought this, I took it right off her car to have it photographed with a promise to have it returned, of course. Well, photography is done but it’s still with me. Shall I give it a test drive, see how well it fares against its traditional cousin, the bamboo steamer? I don’t see why not except I haven’t got a bamboo steamer. It is just the coolest steamer I’ve seen to date and will complement a modern kitchen very well. I’m not familiar with the name OSHINO, it sounds Japanese but the tagline “Home Applicances for 21st Century” seems appropriate.

8 thoughts on “Modern Tradition Steamware

  1. Leng Beng

    The steamer is approximately RM700 in Malaysian Ringgit which is approximately B$/SGD$318. If you can get past this number I’m sure you’ll have years of productivity with this item.


  2. Paula,

    When I first saw this, I was stunned as it never crossed my mind that a metal version of bamboo steamer existed. Quite an ingenious idea that combines tradition, increased thermal effectiveness, longevity and more importantly in today’s health conscious society, hygiene.


  3. Hi Samuel,

    The item was purchased in Miri (Sarawak). As to whether it has a pot to store water, what you see in the pictures above is what you get out of the box. Unlike traditional stacked bamboo steamer, steam passes through the hollow “trays.”

    I don’t know if you’re supposed to fill each tray with some water or perhaps they designed to allow hot steam to pass through the 10-12 tiny side vents on each tray.


  4. I managed to get the address in Miri, Sarawak where my SIL bought her Oshino ware.

    Lot 303 B, 1st Floor, GMT Building
    Ricemill Road, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

    Email: my_hmworld (← note the space before @)

    Phone: (016) 808-2593 (Then It Chai)


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