Deep Fried Tofu Caesar Salad

© Jan Shim Photography   [Gallery]

This morning as I had my regular Alfalfa Sprouts sandwich for breakfast, the TV was tuned to  Kylie Kwong  on Travel & Living where she had some very delicate tofu prepared to be deep fried. Hers was a very simple recipe of covering the tofu pieces with corn flour and then deep frying in vegetable oil. I got inspired and took the idea further. I had the tofu pieces dipped in egg white then corn starch and also crispy tempura flakes. Then I got carried away and decided the deep fried tofu would be great caesar salad supplement.

My version of home-made caesar salad included Anchovy fillets, black pepper, hard-boiled egg, baby tomoatoes, onion, purple cabbage and added Balsamic Vinegar and Japanese Kikkoman Soy Sauce. I bought a can of croutons but completely forgotten about them. This is another one of my attempts to introduce new food to my kids and my daughter had taken a liking to the baby tomatoes she had never tried before.

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