Brunei Darussalam


Photo by David Cheok

Two professional photographers taking impromptu time-out to get connected with nature in one of our many backyards in Brunei that earned us the tourism tagline “Green Heart of Borneo”. This is a photograph of me captured by wedding photojournalist David Cheok on film with a Contax G2 RangeFinder with a 28mm Carl Zeiss on Fuji Superia 100 Film. The effects of this photograph is achieved by stacking 3 filters (circular polarizer-81A-UV) that explains the vignetting.

I published this photo because this is my first film photo since I cannot remember when, and the one that actually inspired the blog title is this one, “caught” as I was getting ready to photograph a red dragonfly resting on a collapsed branch. The location was Benutan Dam in the Tutong District.

6 thoughts on “CAUGHT ON FILM

  1. I have distanced myself from any involvement with film for a very long time in that as a professional photographer who shoots digital exclusively, every other photographer I know and work with are on the digital platform, quite understandably, in today’s demanding environment. It’s like a revelation to me that when I look at the work, and begin to appreciate them in their entirety, yet pay attention to details that digital files in my aspects just aren’t the same. I’m referring to the rich colors reproduction, film grain that isn’t the same as digital noise.

    Will I take up film as a hobby anytime soon? I can certainly take a step back, away from the insanity that plagues so many of us digital SLR owners, to appreciate film photography that is closer to appreciation of art, I do not think I will, anytime soon, cross that line.


  2. With film, rich colors is a luxury that requires the right film, right settings, right light and right lens.. if u see the pics taken at 3pm and compare to those taken at 4ish.. its a world of difference. Digital, on the other hand, can have its world of variables adjusted to kingdom come to achieve the desired effect. Both have their pros and cons.. I guess when its not work related, I’d rather shoot with film.. but when it comes to delivering products to clients, digital is the way to go.


  3. Photogenic Model…Keep Up the Pose (kekeke).

    To me, shooting film is more forgiving and easier 🙂 No hassle of White Balance etc. etc.

    I enjoyed shooting with slides; love the saturation and vivid colours. Cross processing its fun too. Only drawback is its expensive as compared to digital. Ditigal makes you trigger happy!


  4. Shooting film lots of hassle eh.. must use filters to counter against the daylight film.. purple filters, brown filters, blue filters.. die. have to carry it all round..


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