Brunei Darussalam


Chocolate lovers in Brunei and around the world, listen up! If you have not yet heard about or discovered these delightful Empire Chocolates, get over to the hotel lobby and check out the assortment of exquisitely packaged gift boxes. I picked up the 49-piece box and the 11.5″x 11.5″ makes a great collectible long after the chocolates are gone.


  1. Hm.. wonder how “bitter sweet cocoa” gonna taste like… bitter? sweet? Just look at those little yummies, gonna drive to brunei just for the cocoa…

    Really good pic of the chocolate… “POWERFUL” enough to make choc lovers drool over their keyboards…

    In the name of chocolate, i now pronounce that… “MUST HAVE EMPIRE CHOCOLATE”~~~!


  2. Perhaps one day on a visit overseas I will be greeted by such a box of chocolate’s as Mr. Shim has so eloquently depicted in that mouth watering photo. How a person lives his life is depicted in his foods…and I must say your living it well!

    Matt C


  3. Absolutely gorgeous imagery. Makes my mouth water just looking at it 😮 The styling is exquisite, and would be at home advertising for an establishment that prides itself on quality and perfection.


    p.s. My birthday is coming up in the not too distant future *cough*


  4. Good pic to catch anyone’s attention… Gosh, I’m craving for chocolates now….and Jan, don’t forget to send me some chocolates too during my birthday (18th july) if you send to others oh…hahaha…i’ll be waiting :p :p


  5. Dear Jan,

    Warmest Greetings!

    Your photos are gorgeous and your blog is really entertaining as well. Thank you so much for the link and delighted that you enjoyed our chocolates.

    Wishing you a wonderful evening with no doubt another decadent gastronomic event happening in your kitchen for dinner.

    Best regards,

    Jennifer Kang
    Director of PR & Marketing Communications
    The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brunei Darussalam
    DID: +673 241 7891 Facsimile: +673 241 8989


  6. In removing a duplicated after two blogs merged, I’ve moved the comments over here

    Matthew Martin on April 15, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Love the site, happy to put post to my website. I will load your credit this evening. The chocolate photo is making my mouth water! Take care and see you soon ….

    Colin Quek on April 16, 2007 at 8:47 am

    Hi, went to Empire yesterday, saw the chocs…reminded me of your choc photo. Hahaha your photo made the chocs look nicer than the real ones. So I order from you next time, pls “post process” the chocs for me ahah “:D

    sgdavid on April 24, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Can you FedEx me another box of Empire Chocolates?
    My kid and wife are addicted to it liao, thanks.

    Max on May 5, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Izan got one box of Empire choco from Jennifer, so being her roomie, I got the privilege to taste it.

    It was so pretty~ and the box was pretty too (I am keeping the box)

    I hesitated at frist to eat the choco because I was watching my weight…. but…. it was like calling me… “Eat me! Eat me!”

    It was a great choice and wise decision that I’ve made. It was gooooood! Smoooooth!

    Now, your picture reminds me of the wonderful choco.


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