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Japanese model in traditional kimono © Jan Shim Photography

Japan, a nation synonymous with traditional values and culture, merged with modernisation and high tech developments brings visitors a unified landscape of a highly accomplished society. Despite its high cost of living, Japan is a country that has so much to offer and if you’ve never been there, let me give you a taste of what to expect in the land of the rising sun!

SAMURAI Warrior © Jan Shim Photography

Welcome to my Japan Spring 2007 blog and photo gallery. If you’ve come here looking for a ideas for your next holiday destination, you’ve come to right place. Japan is like no other countries I’ve visited, and very little has changed since my last two visits (10-15 years ago). By that I mean its culture is built on such strong foundation of tradition, discipline and heritage. This is, of course, a good thing as I particularly like visiting places that are safe and predictable, much like our neighbour Singapore.

In the photo gallery you’ll find 444 images taking you from our transit in Singapore Changi Airport to our itinerary in Japan starting with a city tour of Tokyo. I’ll proceed with my synopsis in the present tense so none of this wonderful experience becomes yesterday’s memories :-). I brought with me my favourite EOS 20D, 580EX Flash, EF10-22mm, EF24-70mm and EF50mm lenses along with four batteries and 12 rechargeable 2700mAh AA’s adding up to a hefty 9kgs of gear and 9GB of CF storage!

On with the tour. We walk out of Narita Airport to be greeted with a thermometer that reads 5.6 Deg C – this is going to be an interesting journey, 5 days in Japan covering Tokyo, Hakone, Toyohashi, Hakone, Kyoto and Osaka and places of interests here are (links to Wikipedia entries):

Shinsaibashi a 5km shopping street that’s more intense than Shanghai’s Nanjing Road. Shinsaibashi features everything you can imagine include the immensely popular and infectious Pachinko and famous King crab legs (Dotombori Arcade) pictured from inside Star Bucks cafe.

A trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without a taste of world’s finest Kobe Beef at ¥7,000 per 200 grams. Pictured below is a certificate of authenticity from Kobe~serious beef, serious taste, serious business!


KOBE BEEF Certificate of Authenticity :)

p.s. Photo gallery starts with 8 images from Changi Airport, one of my favourite venues and which incidentally lives up to its slogan “Shopping City”. They have something for everyone including free broadband terminals all over the airport, foot massagers from Osim and Otto, “My Foot” massage centre, Game Zone to keep the kids well behaved and a great Japanese eatery called GENKI SUSHI.

Group photo published by Halim Tours & Travel Sdn. Bhd. in United Daily newspaper, a Chinese newspaper with the highest circulation in Brunei and which invariably gets my name spelt wrong. :)