I spent most of today, the 15th day of Chinese New Year or Chap Goh Mei as it’s more affectionately called, reflecting on few things. Shredding inspired me to update the People page that I have neglected for a long time and there I came across (right at the very bottom) the time I participated in my first ever photo contest organized by the Brunei Photographic Society for Brunei Tourism. Out of four hundred entries, mine came in at 9th spot and I was astounded, to say the least.

I entered this piece with the title "Beating in Harmony" to signify our humble abode's cross-culture harmony displayed by the simultaneous drumming of the Malay and Chinese traditional instruments. Picture was taken at the Brunei Shell Recreation Club field on the occasional of His Majesty's birthday celebration (click on image to view large image).

I am pretty sure this group photo (courtesy of Rudolf Portillo) brings back a lot of memory for many of us to have shared a moment with the Ministers, Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Brunei including Patron of the Brunei Photographic Society, His Royal Highness Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah. It was all very surreal at the time and sentimental if given the chance to do it again.

Group photo of participants with invited guests from various diplomatic missions and the Patron of the Brunei Photographic Society, His Royal Highness Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah (click to view large image)


A foreign worker checking out the ads and job vacancies on the pillar.

© Jan Shim Photography

Dozens of foreign workers spent their day off loitering around Seria town. A Chinese family seen taking an easy lunch hour stroll to see if shops were open.

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography


eric-tsang.jpgEric Tsang © Jan Shim Photography   [Gallery]

Today, July 15th, we celebrate the 61st birthday of our leader, His Majesy The Sultan of Brunei (Happy Birthday Your Majesty!). It was also a year ago today when I met HK Actor/Producer/TV Host Eric Tsang for the very first time in person. The venue and occasion was the evening banquet hosted by His Majesty at the Royal Palace for invited guests including leaders from various countries and diplomatic missions to Brunei.

Eric, however, had a different mission. Wikipedia has this entry that explains it, “Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang was invited to attend his Royal birthday party in Istana Nurul Iman during his visit to Brunei for taking the Hong Kong TVB Documentary On the Road (zh:向世界出發) which is aired in Hong Kong TVB in March 2007. It is worthy to be noted that the Sultan is a fan of Eric Tsang. TVB is the only Hong Kong television station being permitted to take this documentary.”

Eric Tsang documentary © TVB HK 2006

On the evening I had met Eric at the Palace, he was working so the opportunity was short lived. It wasn’t until July 17th when I would meet Eric again in another district (Tutong) where he had planned to present a gift to His Majesty on TVB’s behalf. I met Eric a couple of hours before the arrival of His Majesty and managed to catch up with him including a couple of photos with the actor.

eric-tsang2.jpgMe & Eric at Tutong District celebrations [more photo …]

The YouTube video is an extract of the four part documentary that was aired in March 2007 in Hong Kong. I am not certain if it was ever aired on our Kristal-Astro TV but a good friend in HK had the shows recorded and I received a DVD copy yesterday. The timing was nothing short of perfect! As I have not obtained permission from TVB to distibute the recording, I had a small segment exracted for YouTube. Catch me getting some good shots of Eric at work with my 1DMkII. It was indeed a very hot day and shooting in a black/dark suit is required dress code during the day.

The day after this very colorful celebration, I met with Eric again the next day in a scheduled interview with one of my clients. It was there that I got another photograph with Eric only this time, I rushed an 8R print and had him autograph the piece you see here. Good times sure fly!