View of Brunei LNG and Brunei Methanol Plant from Top of Sungai Liang Hill

It’s been three weeks since I last driven to Bandar Seri Begawan. That also means it’s been the longest time I’ve stayed away from my favourite hills — Bukit Shahbandar. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out. In fact, this week alone I exceeded my cardio workout with a record 13 sets of badminton and a few runs in the Sungai Liang forest. Yesterday afternoon, I returned to the Sungai Liang hills this time with my wife and we covered five hills to reach the peak that overlooks both Brunei LNG and Brunei Methanol Company plants. Previously I had only my S3 and images lacked details so this time I brought the G11 along this time, maybe 5D Mark III and a tele lens next time just to add some weight to the workout.


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3.6 kilometers is a good stretch to run several times a week to build and maintain stamina. The time recorded below reflects our slow hike stopping occasionally to admire the views and also a short chat with four mountain bikers we met on the same trail.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III Wireless Tethering to iPad with Eye-Fi Pro X2

TIP: Eye-Fi loses connectivity to the device it’s connected to as soon as camera powers down. To maintain connectivity throughout your shoot, disable the camera’s Auto Power Off function.

In my last post I wrote about LockPort USB being the perfect gear and port saver for photographers who tether a lot, like me. The trouble is not every assignment and situation makes sense to roll out the 5m USB cable and fire up the chunky 17-inch laptop. One such assignment was Muffins&Co at The Souq where I was moving in and out of the shop quite a bit; I was also forced into a corner, literally, where I could not even see the back of the camera LCD. This is when images magically appearing on my iPad is a huge welcome.

I looked at the possibility of CamRanger to make that happen. Everything looked good, reviews were extremely positive and I came so close to ordering one but I just couldn’t get past how awkward it would be having the CamRanger device take up the USB port and camera hot shoe — I need the hot shoe for a Phottix Odin transmitter. In addition to this, wireless transfer speed isn’t better than the throughput of the Eye-Fi after several Q&A emails with CamRanger’s Dave. The CamRanger is a very powerful and versatile solution for anyone who other than tethering also requires wireless control of their Canon or Nikon DSLR. I don’t.

Visit Eye-Fi for a list of cards that work in the EOS 5D Mark III. Pro supports RAW files.


It helped that an associate picked up an Eye-Fi Pro X2 days earlier and had great success tethering his EOS 5D Mark III to the HTC Smartphone. Previous Eye-Fi cards were a hit and miss for cameras that did not have a native SD slot.

“Canon has released a firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark III that resolves an issue where the camera may not function properly with an Eye-Fi card inserted. Please be sure that your camera is running firmware version 1.2.1 or later to avoid any problems. Do not use an Eye-Fi card when updating firmware on the camera. EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Update Version 1.2.1


Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Card inserted into the SD slot of my EOS 5D Mark III. Eye-Fi wireless transferring is disabled by default. Inserting the card into the camera brings up an Eye-Fi settings menu.

I set mine up to capture RAW (Large) on Compact Flash and transfer JPEG (Large) from Eye-Fi to the iPad. I was very surprised that a large JPEG from the 5D Mark III took a reasonable 6 seconds to complete transfer. And that’s all I really need, an opportunity to critically review my images (double tap screen to view full resolution). I ordered a CF adapter to use the Eye-Fi Pro X2 card in the EOS 5D Mark II.


Pictured here is the Eye-Fi wireless icon shown on my EOS 5D Mark III. The iPad’s long battery also makes it incredible convenient to use anywhere. More on Facebook.

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The Eye-Fi Photo Gallery on my iPad 2. A Large JPEG from the 5D Mark III took 6 secs to download.

Brunei Darussalam National Day Run 2013

Some years back my daughter Jewel ran her first long distance event — a 6 km run starting from and finishing at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in the Brunei capital, an event she was neither trained nor had much preparation for other than the occasional school practice. Back then I wasn’t very much involved with her running as I am today in her athletic training and competition. Cut a long story short, she completed the event and was among the top 30-something students out of what appeared to be a large number of participants from all schools in the country.

Last Sunday, Jewel participated in her second run this time a kilometer shorter which was held right in our home town, Seria. The difference this time she has had eleven months of athletic coaching, having earned several medals in 400m, 200m and 4x100m events, she’s in way better shape than she ever was. The transformation from the weak, migraine-prone asthmatic little girl to the determined athlete she is today, is nothing short of amazing. She is 13, and finished 5th in the Under 17 category.

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July 25, 2011: Overcoming all odds to triumph: Jewel’s first 400m event.

Jewel stretching before her 5 km run.

All images: Canon PowerShot G11