Moving from art to artiste, a big thank you to BAIDURI BANK for the exclusive treat along with a Prestige entrance ticket-cum-bookmark to remember the event by. In spite of heavy rain reminiscent of the heart wrenching scene in the film, having also driven from Seria to join the capacity crowd, we escaped the rain for a night of anticipation. An online contact in Singapore who attended the Singapore premier of BUTTERFLY LOVERS 梁祝 recently expressed her disappointment of not having lead actress Charlene Choi there.

Flowers and congratulatory messages—a scene reminiscent of Wu Chun’s Grand Opening of Fitness Zone!

The theater’s overhead display sets the scene for what’s to come as Baiduri Prestige guests young and elderly with complimentary bags of popcorn and drinks are ushered into each cinema.

I thought these introductory screen shots would help readers who aren’t fans of either celebrity understand the film’s genre. I was skeptical at first not knowing what to make of the film as I had neither researched nor heard much about it. Those who have seen it, feel free to post your critique or comments. I’ll reserve mine for another day! The film comes in two versions: mandarin and cantonese and Brunei audience gets the latter. Butterfly Lovers is a HK$20 million film based on a Chinese love story whose main characters Liang Shanbo, Zhu Yintai and Ma Wencai (played by actor Hu Ge) get into a messy love triangle.

© Butterfly Lovers

© Butterfly Lovers

“SMARTER” is an acronym of Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training Education and Resources and SMARTER Brunei, formed on September 9th 2001, is a member of World Autism Organisation.

Capacity crowd gathers at the entrance of Cineplex after watching Butterfly Lovers as the emcee periodically teases them about the imminent arrival of the celebs and their entourage of fans and media folks. As I am not a regular movie buff, I’d venture a guess that this crowd overwhelms even a blockbuster movie evening. Yes or No, you tell me.

Representing Baiduri Bank, Mr Ti Eng Hui, Deputy General Manager welcomed the HK celebrity with a bouquet of flowers …

… while Alvina Chung, Manager of Baiduri Prestige and Yayasan Branch welcomed our home grown celebrity to the delight of Charlene.

I thought this photo was rather interesting to include here. Clearly there’s some kind of point-a-thon going on where emcee is seen pointing to either the floor or crowd while Wu Chun gestures to a fan maybe and someone behind Charlene holding a compact camera is saying something else.

In a split second, Wu Chun and Charlene exchanges a glance while Brunei Tourism Director SHEIKH JAMALUDDIN and SMARTER President MALAI HJ ABDULLAH shake hands in appreciation of the generous donation of B$10,000.

Wu Chun works the crowd while Charlene looks in. Boyish charming good looks, he makes the whole business of being an international artiste seem to easy but we know that isn’t the case if it weren’t for his dedication and commitment to always do the best you can and exceeding expectations when you can!

Charlene hanging on to an autographed poster while Emcee Mei Ting makes an offer to the first person in the audience who answered the question correctly. Note the interesting silhouette resembling that of someone pointing a gun. Butterfly Lovers is not an action movie and there are certainly no guns in an era where swords and bow and arrows.

Wu Chun rolls up a poster to the delight of a very lucky and ecstatic winner (female participant in pink top).

Proud owners of a poster autographed by Wu Chun and Charlene

It’s not everyday that you have major celebrities make a public appearance in Brunei and the overwhelming turnout time and again says volumes. Having experienced first hand the sensational Grand Opening of Fitness Zone Kiulap Branch last year, this event while not nearly as big managed to pull it off rather well in comparison.

Know where’s Jan Shim?” Correct guesses win nothing. I suggest you use your time wisely. About 4 years ago, I began using the Lightsphere II diffuser at weddings and major event shoots and used to always get strange looks from onlookers. I used to have to come up with spur of the moment answer when I would get asked what it is. The LS-II has evolved quite a bit but I continue to use and believe in its effectiveness to create softlight (can also produce harsh  light in the wrong hands), and I just call it my ‘rice bowl’ literally and metaphorically speaking! So there I was captured by ranoadidas.com with visible beads of sweat running down my face!

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