My Favourite Food for Speed Hiking the Shahbandar Hills

Nothing energizes like the morning sun, and nothing is more satisfying a workout than hiking the “9 hills” trail at Bukit Shahbandar. The time it takes to complete the course is anywhere between 41 minutes (my current best time) to 2 hours when I prefer to take things real slow — logic dictates that longer hikes burn more calories, great for days when torching fat is on the plate.


To get me through the hills: high protein from greens, eggs and fish including a shot of black CBTL espresso without cream, milk or sugar. For fluids while hiking I normally carry a litre of Scivation Xtend or GNC Accelerade.


I don’t always have smoked salmon in the fridge but when I do this is how I have them along with the greens.


Broccoli flowerets, hard boiled eggs and tukey cold cuts with tomato and oyster dressing.


I take my coffee black with no creamer, milk or sugar conveniently dispensed using my Caffitaly machine.

Published: Mahligai Apartments Photography Featured in BHC Magazine

Property photography assignment from November 2013 for Armada Properties featured in February 2014 edition of Butra Home Concept magazine. It was a pleasure to have worked with MixMediaWorx to produce these images.

BHC Magazine February 2014 | “Conveniently located on Jalan Ong Sum Ping, Mahligai Apartments are just minutes away from Bandar Seri Begawan. These apartments have been designed to provide the ultimate in contemporary living. You will have easy access to the city and also a refuge from it.

Once you enter a Mahligai Apartment you are stepping into your very own private oasis, one that is spacious with sleek features and furnishings throughout. Modern artwork and light fixtures add a touch of elegance to the living areas. The layout and design of the kitchen work in harmony to create a fabulously functional space. The master bedroom can only be described as being superbly comfortable with an inviting ensuite – making this room perfect for relaxation. There are also many windows which allow a continual flow of light through the apartment making it bright and cheerful.


And because Mahligai Apartments are all about enjoying a luxurious lifestyle you have access to a fully equipped gymnasium; a cafeteria; pool and children’s playground – all at your doorstep and ideal for either single persons or families.”

Bukit Shahbandar 9 Hills Personal Best Time

Four months before my Mount Kinabalu climb on December 17, 2013 I trained almost exclusively at the hills of Bukit Shahbandar in the Brunei-Muara district, located a little over an hour’s drive from my residence. Coming from badminton, a sport that I’ve played since my secondary school days, hiking wasn’t an activity I was fond of in the beginning. We started with the popular ‘4 hills‘ route that took us 53 minutes to complete, and in just a few short weeks the group decided unanimously that it was time to venture farther — the ‘9 Hills‘ route that took our group 1 hour 46 mins to complete — this route I really liked and got hooked on. On days when other members of the group weren’t available to join me I hiked alone, logging my best times — as an indication of my fitness.

My first solo attempt began on October 22, 2013 when I logged 50 mins 54 secs


Second attempt on December 11, 2013 clocking best time of 44 mins 27 secs


Earlier this week I made my first attempt of 2014 and finished at 41 mins 21 secs.


Where do I go from here? I’m thinking 40 minutes would be a realistic target.