View of Brunei LNG and Brunei Methanol Plant from Top of Sungai Liang Hill

It’s been three weeks since I last driven to Bandar Seri Begawan. That also means it’s been the longest time I’ve stayed away from my favourite hills — Bukit Shahbandar. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out. In fact, this week alone I exceeded my cardio workout with a record 13 sets of badminton and a few runs in the Sungai Liang forest. Yesterday afternoon, I returned to the Sungai Liang hills this time with my wife and we covered five hills to reach the peak that overlooks both Brunei LNG and Brunei Methanol Company plants. Previously I had only my S3 and images lacked details so this time I brought the G11 along this time, maybe 5D Mark III and a tele lens next time just to add some weight to the workout.


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3.6 kilometers is a good stretch to run several times a week to build and maintain stamina. The time recorded below reflects our slow hike stopping occasionally to admire the views and also a short chat with four mountain bikers we met on the same trail.


Aerial View of Kuala Belait Town from 9th Floor of V Plaza Hotel

Updated: April 12, 2014 Reprocessed images to include additional shots from the park and monument adjacent to the hotel to produce an even wider panoramic shot of Kuala Belait.

I drove to Kuala Belait town on a whim this sunny morning not for the usual coffee meet-ups with my friends but with one purpose in mind — to capture an aerial view of my “KB” from the top of the V Plaza Hotel. I brought along my EOS 5D Mark III, EF 17-40mm, EF 24-70mm and EF 70-200mm, the widest and the longest lens had their share of sunshine on this almost windless day. The end result is a 3-piece stitched panoramic shot that required a fair bit of intelligence on the part of the software to align the elements.

Brunei-Kuala-Belait-Panorama-shimworldClick on image to view large version (2100 x 1105 pixels, 1MB)

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My Favourite Food for Speed Hiking the Shahbandar Hills

Nothing energizes like the morning sun, and nothing is more satisfying a workout than hiking the “9 hills” trail at Bukit Shahbandar. The time it takes to complete the course is anywhere between 41 minutes (my current best time) to 2 hours when I prefer to take things real slow — logic dictates that longer hikes burn more calories, great for days when torching fat is on the plate.


To get me through the hills: high protein from greens, eggs and fish including a shot of black CBTL espresso without cream, milk or sugar. For fluids while hiking I normally carry a litre of Scivation Xtend or GNC Accelerade.


I don’t always have smoked salmon in the fridge but when I do this is how I have them along with the greens.


Broccoli flowerets, hard boiled eggs and tukey cold cuts with tomato and oyster dressing.


I take my coffee black with no creamer, milk or sugar conveniently dispensed using my Caffitaly machine.