Photography Assignment: Luagan Lalak Landscape Revisited

 Two days ago an urgent photography assignment had me scouting a number of locations within the Belait District. Due to its urgency, waiting for a good day with nice blue sky and nice cloud formation wasn’t an option so I was fairly fortunate to have driven the distance to Luagan Lalak Forest Recreational Park and all elements in the scene were looking good. Out of three locations I had visited, Luagan Lalak was the only one picture worthy and promising. The client had a very specific wall measurement where a suitable image was going up to — 7700mm x 600mm (25 x 1.9 feet). Given the rather narrow height, this panorama image had to be cropped without compromising essence of this composition, and uprezzed to exact measurement without losing image quality.


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[This panoramic landscape was the result of stitching 5 TIFF files each measuring 5760x3840 pixels from the EOS 5D Mark III. Stitching was rather effortless for the custom built Core i7-3770K 4.4GHz powered PC but the real crunch that sent processor temps soaring into high 80 degrees Celcius was during the upscaling for printing at 7700mm wide. Heat wasn't much of an issue when it was water cooled but due to problem with the pump, the stock heat sink was refitted while waiting for a replacement cooler.]

Happy with the shoot, I hung around the area a bit more, chat with a guy from Lumut who happened to be fly fishing in one of the huts. There I set up the camera for the image below — one that nicely conforms to the photography Rule of Thirds.

Excapade Sushi Ramadhan Buffet and Seafood Night at Pondok Sari Wangi Restaurant

Images from Excapade Sushi’s 2014 Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet


All images © Jan Shim Photography


All images © Jan Shim Photography

Seafood Night at Pondok Sari Wangi Restaurant


All images © Jan Shim Photography

These images are available for commercial use. All enquiries welcome.

Photographing Mr Baker’s Bakeshop Cookie Hampers

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a mere two weeks away and while a few suggested that these images should have been taken and promoted earlier I hardly think it’s late at all, if initial orders from enthusiastic clients were an indication. Part of the delay was figuring out how best to showcase their products and workmanship. I wanted to offer something different this time so I went environmental, took a hamper basket to Anduki Recreational Park for a trial shot, the one you see immediately below.


After a lengthy discussion, my client and I agreed that while this image is conceptually strong, switching back to studio images would satisfy his more immediate requirement. The photo montages consist of shots taken at my studio and others at the client’s kitchen. If you’re in the market for  Hari Raya gift baskets hop over to Mr Baker’s Bakeshop website for order information.



 Assortment of freshly baked cookies includes cranberries walnut, Choc chips walnut, Oatmeal raisins, Buttermilk cookies, Original biscotti, Choc biscotti, Raisins and coconut biscotti, Cornflakes cookies, Chocolate chunk cookies, Chocolate praline, White chocolate cashew nut cookies — all make exceptional companions to coffee and tea!

shimworld-cookies-photography-mrbakersbakeshop-4My personal favourite of the lot are these Italian cookies called Biscotti. I particularly like the original and raisins/coconut ones. I have to warn you though, they’re so fresh and crunchy I took one bite and another and another, and before I realized, I had finished a whole container of them just a few days ago while sipping espresso. Clearly, one of the dangers of working from a home studio — over indulgence! :D shimworld-biscotti-cookies-photography-mrbakersbakeshop-5